Change Of Plans (Day 116)

Okay so Jeremy and I thought that we would have two months to get stuff for Keira that we didn’t get at the baby shower. That’s changed now to one month. Here’s hoping I don’t go into labor AT my baby shower. Fingers crossed.

So – I scouted our gift registries. We have one at Babies R Us, Target and Amazon. The one at Babies R Us has LOTS of stuff on it. Only two things have been purchased which we bought – the crib and the changing table. The one at Target has stuff on it that Babies R Us had marked up significantly or didn’t come in the store. I hate to double things on registry lists – I don’t know why people do that. The Amazon one – well – it really is about four or five things we need or want (like a glider and reusable breast pads) and then stuff we don’t really NEED but would like to have like headbands or hats.
How cute is that? It’s from Etsy shop KreativeKris. She makes everything in her home in Oregon.She also makes hats that look like Sock Monkeys. Her hats range from $10 to $25.

Anyway – I’m debating on starting to buy some of the more expensive stuff or some of the stuff that I really want now. Is that weird or O.C.D or anything? I mean – I know I want it or else we wouldn’t have put it on the registry in the first place. So should I buy it an know that I am getting it instead of waiting until October to see?

Arrgghh!!! Not meaning to sound like a pirate but that’s how I feel. I haven’t been having the best of days lately and it’s like things just keep piling up. We need to find Seth (or us) some furniture. We still need a dresser for Keira’s room. I need to get the day bed built for her room and painted. We need to get the paint for both rooms and start that whole process. It seems like laundry is never done and neither are the dishes. It’s just getting crazy. It’s probably not as bad as I am making it sound but that’s how it feels. We have five months (less a week) before my due date. I know it’s possible to get everything done but it still irks me.

I think I will buy a few things a week from our registries – depending on what it is and how much I have to spend. Did you do that??

xo – S.J.


4 thoughts on “Change Of Plans (Day 116)

  1. Weird, I have been looking through etsy also, for interesting baby hats! I love the character hats they have there but I’m holding off buying any since I don’t know the sex yet

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