In or Out of the Closet (Day 114)

I’ve been slowly trying to organize the house. The ENTIRE house.

I’ve cleared out a box or two of things in the kitchen – I still have more to do in there. We’ve packed up more than a few boxes of stuff in the back bedroom and also – still have more to do in there. Seth has gone through his room multiple times and cleared out things and put them in the Goodwill box. Still – there are tons of things in his room I know we could get rid of. He has WAY to many toys for a nine-year old.

I also went through one of the hall closets this weekend and got Seth to try on the jackets that for some reason were shoved in there. Only one of them fit and it was a vest – not a jacket. The others went into the Goodwill box.

We have another hall closet that houses all of our board games, towels and blankets. It was looking very – unorganized. Blankets and comforters were taking up a shelf and a half. Sheets weren’t folded correctly and pillow cases were everywhere. Car towels and rags were mixed in with the regular towels and rags and the games on the floor of the closet were all jumbled up and the boxes wouldn’t close all the way which really annoys me. So I was trying to figure out what stays in and what goes out of that closet.

I started folding and stacking and put blankets that we never used (we have TONS) and a few sheets that we aren’t partial to in a box to store in the attic or building. Don’t worry – the box I put them in has no holes or tears in them for anything to get in there. Oh – I also put three ugly brown fringed pillows that we bought when we first moved in – in that box. I never really liked them anyway.

So after about an hour of organizing this is what it still looked like.
A little dark in the picture – sorry – it was the phone on my camera.

That top shelf up there with the plaid looking thing – that’s one of the two comforters for Seth’s bed. On the other side of the comforter is about six blankets (including the ever amazing Snuggie) and a pillow. We have about three other pillows and about three other blankets that need to be washed and stacked up there. There is room – you just can’t tell cause the picture is dark.

Second shelf is sheets and pillow cases. You should have seen it before – it was such a mess. At least we each will have our own column of sheets. Mine and Jeremy’s on the far left, Seth’s next and then Keira’s – when we get sheets that is. Third shelf – towels. I hadn’t put up the laundry yet when I took this – I promise we have more towels than that!! The far left stack is car towels. We use them to dry off the car or clean windows ect. To the far right – you can’t really see – but it’s all our wash cloths.

Fourth shelf – this one still needs work. There are games and Seth’s yearbooks from each year of school so far (K-3rd) and all of our braces – knee, elbow, wrist ect. I haven’t exactly figured out what to do with this shelf yet. I know Seth’s yearbooks will be in a different spot and all the games will eventually be in the floor at the bottom.

Don’t pay any attention to that big tub at the bottom with the foot spa. It will go up in the attic when I can find a lid for it. There are tons of old pictures from high school and a lots of other odds and ends in there I need to go through. I will tackle that bad boy this week.

Oh – if you ever need to borrow board games – we have plenty!!!

xo – S.J.


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