Yeah About That…(Day 109)

I know I’m really behind. I’m behind on this blog, I’m behind on the photo challenge from my friend. I feel like I’m behind on everything.

I know I need to do these things plus a bunch of others but most of the time I just feel like doing nothing. I do what is necessary like laundry and dishes maybe even vacuum – but that’s all I feel like doing. We did accomplish one thing this past weekend. We took a load of things to Goodwill.

I would love to have sold them but honestly – I don’t feel like doing a yard sale. I mean – for one sitting out in the heat is not on my list of things to do unless it’s by a pool. Two – I don’t like getting up early unless I absolutely have to. Yeah – call me lazy.

Taking that stuff to Goodwill though meant that the only thing still in the back bedroom is a futon, some blankets that need to wait until the hall closets are organized to put up, a chair, some decorations from our wedding and a few odds and ends that can be thrown in a box and put up. Jeremy even said that this week he WILL get it cleaned out (even if the stuff in the closet doesn’t go anywhere) so that we can get to cleaning it and start painting. Score one for us.

Other than that and a Fourth of July party at his mom’s – we didn’t do anything but sit around and watch movies all weekend – and really all last week.

So about the blog and the photos – I’m behind yes – but I will do it and I will catch up and I will try really hard to post a blog AND a picture every day. I’m not perfect though so – you know – don’t count on it (I’m just being totally honest).

xo – S.J.


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