Shut UP (Day 107)

My alarm is set for five in the morning. I usually hit the snooze button until about 5:25 and THEN get up. I use the alarm on my phone because our so-called alarm clock has failed me more than once. Which makes me think of this Seinfeld episode.

Anyway – I really have no need to set my alarm clock when all I have to do is wait for Tiny. Oh – Tiny is our dog – who is anything but tiny. This was taken last year in February. We were able to finally get a fence up for him that summer but while he was on his lead this was his lady friend.

He is about 90 pounds and when he stands on his hind legs he is about as tall as me (I’m 5′-4″) and he is part English Mastiff and part Great Pyrenees. He was the runt of the liter and the only one with any coloration at all. See those brown spots at his back?

He’s a big baby and loves to have you scratch his tummy. He used to say “I love you” but we got out of the habit of telling him so he doesn’t say it anymore. 😦 He stayed inside until he was about 6 months old and was getting too big. We would play with him and most of the time we would squat down to do so. He got in the habit of sticking his head between your legs and under your butt and just lay there. He still does it. I don’t think he realizes how big he is.

He is also very smart. He can get out of his fence unless we keep his latch locked (we use the latch on his leash to “lock” it). He isn’t the best dog on a leash. He likes to pull – which is what part of him was bred to do. I’ve had to chase him down once when he got out and he dragged me about 10 feet through the mud once I got him on his leash. It wasn’t fun and very dirty.

Anyway – the whole point of this is that he sleeps during the day. At night is when he is up and most the time he’s quiet unless he sees a rabbit, possum, raccoon or anything else (you know – like a person). During the summer (when he is awake during the day) he chases butterflies. Yeah – it’s hilarious. He’s gotten into this habit lately though of starting to bark RIGHT AT five in the morning. That’s why I say I shouldn’t set my alarm clock – but I do anyway. He continues his barking/growling until about 5:30 which is when I have to actually get up.

This morning AS SOON as I sat my feet down on the carpet – he stopped. Jeremy and Seth sleep like rocks so unless I move or complain Jeremy doesn’t notice the growling/barking from Tiny. Now – the growling I could deal with but it’s when he starts barking that gets me. Listen to this…

This puppy is four months old. You hear her growling/barking at the same time? Yeah – that’s what Tiny does. I love him to death – sometimes I just wish he would shut UP!

xo – S.J.


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