Picture Challenge (Day 108)

I have a friend – Daniela Plank – who is a photographer. You can check out her blog here. There is a link on her page to take you to her website at Shutterfly too. You can see examples of her work there.

Anyway – I’ve only met her once but we are Facebook friends and talk a lot on there. She married a friend of mine from high school and they have the cutest little girl – well until our little Keira gets here anyway! 😀 (Love ya Daniela!) She did this thing last month where she did a picture challenge. Every day she took a different picture according to whatever it said she had to take. Well – this month she made up her own picture challenge and messaged it to me and a few other people.
Since I am such a procrastinator about using pictures in my blog posts I figured that this could help me get used to carrying my camera around with me and documenting things that I wouldn’t necessarily want to print out to keep in photo albums but would want to share on my blog. We have like nine photo albums and I still haven’t organized them – drives me nuts. There has been PLENTY of times I thought “Man – I wish I had my camera with me!”

So today’s challenge is “What I ate today”. Honestly I only had my cell phone with me this morning when I was eating breakfast and I figured that would be the cop-out way of doing it (same issue with lunch). Well tonight’s dinner will be honey mustard chicken fingers (which I’ll also give the recipe for), roasted asparagus and croissant rolls. I WILL have my camera and even though I will be getting a late start on the whole challenge thing (it will probably be posted tomorrow as we are going to watch a movie tonight) at least I’m trying it. Just like I’m trying to keep up with my post a day thing on this blog. PLUS – doing the picture challenge I know I have at least 30 days of not thinking “What am I going to write about today” moments. Yea me!

So thanks Dani for sending me the challenge – lets hope my pictures don’t suck! 😀

xo – S.J.


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