Date Night! (Day 103)

At least we didn’t end up like Tina Fey and Steve Carell on their “Date Night”.

Saturday we slept in – really late – like almost noon late. Well – not really – I got up and fixed breakfast at about ten. Then we were lazy and didn’t do anything until we remembered we had to take our old lawn mower to Jeremy’s dad’s house. Mike (Jeremy’s dad) is like Mr. Fix It. If it’s broken he can fix it – and if he can’t – well no one can. Since we got tired of hooking up our old Craftsman to the truck to start it when the yard needed mowing and not being able to figure out how fix it – that’s when we bought our new John Deere and the Craftsman has been sitting on the back patio under a tarp since last summer.

Getting it in the back of the truck wasn’t all that hard – for me anyway – Jeremy used the ramps and our gradually sloping yard towards the road – to get it in the bed pretty easily. I then helped him ratchet it down and we were off! Once to Mike’s house Jeremy and Mike unloaded it while I went next door and watered my MIL’s plants. Yup – Jeremy’s mom and his dad live next door to each other. Any who – once that was done Jeremy and I were off on our date!

We decided to go downtown to one of our favorite sushi places – we only go there on special occasions or like Saturday when we have a coupon! It’s called Sekisui. The coupon we got said we had to spend $50 in order to get $25 off. I thought – “Man that will be easy!” but then I remembered it didn’t include drinks. Not just alcohol but any drink. So we each got an appetizer (neither one of us could finish both of them and we had to save room for our dinner)! I got ika-furi or panko fried calamari with spicy mayo sauce and Jeremy got dumplings (pork dumplings with apple dipping sauce).

Now usually calamari is fried in the shape of rings but here they cut them so they fry in a semi-circle. Still yummy and I loved the spicy mayo sauce! Jeremy’s dumplings were good but they just weren’t my thing. For our entrée’s Jeremy ordered the salmon which came with some panko fried veggies and two large panko fried shrimp and fried rice. I wanted sushi so I ended up ordering three rolls. I thought that each roll would have come with 6 pieces – instead it came with 8. Now if it had come with 6 pieces I might could have eaten it all. I ordered a California roll, Crunchy Crab roll and a Philly roll. I will have to admit – I didn’t much care for the Philly roll – it was to mushy for me. It had smoked salmon, avocado and cream cheese. With the other two there was more crunch in them and I liked those better. We ended up taking 9 pieces to a friend of ours so that means I ate almost the two whole rolls I did like.

We asked for the check but realized we were 5 bucks away from hitting that $50 mark so we had to get something else to use our coupon. I did want something sweet and we had talked about walking the two and a half blocks to the cupcake shop but when we asked the waitress she said “Oh we have a new dessert roll if you’d like to try it.” YES PLEASE! Oh man – it was good – we ate ALL OF IT. Ready to hear what it was?? Rice Krispie cereal used as the “rice” filled with crushed oreo cookies, chocolate mousse and strawberries topped with MORE chocolate mousse and strawberries. I was so full after that it was ridiculous!!

The people who sat down beside us when we were leaving must have thought “Man she ate a lot – look at her belly!” Kidding – at least I hope they didn’t think that! Our plan was to go to the area’s only drive in but the movie started at 9:30 and I didn’t really want to sit in the back of a truck and get eaten by mosquitoes so we instead went to Blockbuster and rented two movies. One was True Grit and the other was The Tourist.

I must say True Grit was a lot funnier than I thought it would be. I loved the girl who played in it – Hailee Steinfeld – go check out that link. It’s hard to believe she’s only 15. The Tourist was funny at times and other times very serious. I kind of knew what the ending would be about 3/4 of the way through the movie but the way it came about was nice. I’d recommend both although True Grit may be a little gory for some.

Anyway – that was our date night – hopefully we will have another one before 6 months passes us and the new pea arrives.

xo – S.J.


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