What’s in a name? (Day 98)

When I type in Keira into the Bing home page this is what I see. Sorry if it’s a little fuzzy (you can click on it to make it bigger and it won’t be as fuzzy).
First – let me say that we were not planning on spelling it this way ^ – we were planning on going with Kiera to be grammatically correct but when it’s said out loud it sounds more like Key-Era instead of sounding like we want it to sound which is like Ker-ra. Okay – if that doesn’t make sense to you, have you ever watched Reba MacIntyre’s show – aptly named – Reba? She has a daughter on that show named Keira (but they spelled it Kyra). Anyway – it’s said like that – hopefully it wasn’t all that confusing.

So it’s Keira now. We’ve decided that will be our little pea’s first name. I can’t wait to meet her! A few posts back I had mentioned that her middle name would be Faith. After talking with a friend – I realized that there were already too many girls with that middle name in the family. So then we had thought about Grace – same thing there. Then it was on to Hope but Seth has a cousin named Hope so that was a no go. What was left? Nothing really.

A few weeks ago (when we found out) all the mom’s and my friend Natalie and my SIL Crystal got together to talk about baby shower stuff. When I announced it was a girl there – I told everyone the baby’s first name. I don’t think my mom was too on board with it at first but it will grow on her. She went on to talk about my fifth great-grandmother. Her name was Sara Jane. My Grandmother’s name was Carolyn Jane and of course my name is Jane.

Now my Great Grandmother – her name was Della Irene. Yeah – that would be a no. My Maw-Maw was adamant that I not be named after her so I wouldn’t do something she didn’t want then – now. On Jeremy’s side there is a Lynda (his mom), Kathy (his Aunt) and a Lynette (also his Aunt). Kathy and Lynette were also the last girls to be born with our last name – so it’s been a while since there was a girl. None of those sounded good to us either (but we love you anyway!!). Then there is Granny Pony. Pony isn’t her name – it was what the kids started calling her when they couldn’t say Grand-momma or some other name for her – it just kind of stuck. Her real name is Leona but I think that name has already been spoken for.

That left us with either going back to the 100,001 baby name book and finding another name or just going with a name that we know no one will misspell or say wrong and no one has claimed. Mine. So we decided Saturday morning. Our little girl’s name will be Keira Jane.

Keira means “little dark-haired one” and Jane means “God is gracious” and they sound good together. I can’t wait to meet her in five months!

xo – S.J.


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