Details (Day 97)

So – I’m a bit behind – I didn’t feel so hot yesterday. I went home and folded clothes and sat and watched Dr. Phil. I never watch Dr. Phil – ever. Yesterday was supposed to be mine and Lynda’s four mile walk day – but like I said – I didn’t feel good and I feel bad for missing the walk BUT it was also 97 out side and I was already sweating with shorts and a t-shirt on.

Anyway – back to the party. If you’ve read the post before this you know how crazy my Friday and Saturday was. You also know that our little pea is a SHE. Now – I personally didn’t take pictures but Hunter (my niece) did. I don’t know what it is but I could take one picture and it not look so great and she could take the camera and not change any settings and it look awesome. What’s up with that? We’ve had our camera for a little over a year and we bought it new at Best Buy. It’s a Canon Powershot SX20IS with 20x zoom and 12.1mp. It looks like this.
Believe me – I really should go take a class or have a friend show me everything this baby can do. We’ve taken shots of the full moon zoomed completely in and they were amazing. I’ve read up on what it means to change the aperture and the shutter speed but I just haven’t figured out yet how to do it on this camera.

Needless to say I think we have an awesome camera and it sucks that I haven’t figured out how to use it to its full potential in the past year. BUT I did sit down last night and clear the SD card. All of the 1,000 plus pictures that were on there since we’ve had it. I organized them too – in folders by date and what they are of. Now if I could just get our photo album box in order and print them out! One day – some day!

Alright – sorry – I got off track. Back to the party – again. Everything was ready to go about 30 minutes before everyone got there. Which in our house, like, never happens. But – it started to get dark and VERY windy at about 4:45 (party started at 5:30). We had already sat out the slip ‘n slide for the kids and the kiddie pool which took almost 30 minutes to air up with an air compressor. When it started to rain we all went and sat in the garage and watched. The power was flickering so it wasn’t like we could watch tv. Once people started to arrive we heard how bad it was. Trees down everywhere and power out to most of the people around us including my BIL who lives not a half a mile from us. Luckily – it stopped raining right before everyone got there and the kids were still able to play. If Hunter wasn’t there – I probably wouldn’t have been as sane as I was. She helped me with everything! On to the details!



















This cake only cost me $40 – I was pretty amazed. I thought she’d charge me more. It was a friend of a woman from church that did it. The only fondant on it was the red checks (they were very thin) and the bees. (I love fondant, most people don’t.) The inside was almond flavored cake and the bee was made after the bee stamp we had on the invitations.

We blew up green, pink, blue and yellow balloons and tied them to the chairs and hung them from the pull chains on the fans. We also left some in the floor for the kids to play with.

The pink and blue pacifiers were bought from a place called The Balloon Factory. We left out rubber bands so people could pick if they thought the baby was a boy or a girl. People wore them on their wrists, fingers, and on their cups. After a quick poll most everyone there thought the baby was a girl. The bee cups also came from The Balloon Factory. The one with the cat on it was one of our friends. He said he was hoping for a kitten so – we had to find a kitten for his cup. 😀 The cupcakes pictured are the “boy” cupcakes. We also made “girl” cupcakes. Hunter and I stayed up until almost 11:30 Friday night fixing them. We went the short cut way on the frosting and used store-bought vanilla frosting and colored it how we wanted.

There were only a few left by the end of the night Saturday. When Sunday came around my MIL Mary told me she counted about 30 people at our house NOT counting Jeremy, myself and Seth. I don’t think we’ve ever had that many people in our house – except for maybe our annual New Years Eve party that may or may not happen this year depending on how I feel.

Lastly – Jeremy and I with pink cake!
You know – I totally forgot my hair was up all day? To me I look awful but you know – that’s just me. I think I always look awful in pictures. I think mostly everybody does – except for super models. So – that was our party! We had a lot of fun and I think everyone else did too!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of Canon camera from here.


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