And It’s A…..(Day 96)

Saturday!!! Yea for the weekend!!! Aren’t you glad it’s Saturday? I know I will be (see – I am technically writing this on Friday evening)! So excited! Even though my face just broke out like I’m 14 again. I will take pictures cause I know that some people will kill me if I don’t!! Of the party – not my ugly face. I won’t name names so no one will come looking for you if I for some reason go missing!

So the plan (tonight – Friday) is to get my niece Hunter, go by Sara Lee discount bakery, get Seth, go by my brother’s house and pick up some things, go home and make a grocery list, go to the store and try not so spend more than $90 and make cupcakes once we are back at the house and everything is put up. Whew! Just think – I’m pregnant too! It’s like I’m super woman or something! HA!

Saturday’s plan is this – get up and fix breakfast – go get the cake we ordered for the party. Ice the cupcakes if Hunter and I didn’t do that last night. Sweep, mop, vacuum (? – that what spell check says), pretty up the kitchen and outdoors with decorations AND THEN blow up the kiddie pool and make sure the slip n’ slide works. Oh – and fix hot dogs and the fruit tray with strawberry fruit dip and set out the cupcakes around the cake to make it look all cute.

We invited about 60 people to our little 1,300ish square foot house – only 40 of them have said they will be here – so I might not go COMPLETELY crazy. I know I will battle flies after everyone leaves for probably the next two to three days but that’s okay – I can deal.

Like I said – for those who won’t be attending – we will have hot dogs, ice cream, a fruit tray, cake and cupcakes. I fear I may give some children a sugar high but at least they go home with their parents and don’t stay with me! We bought little pink and blue pacifiers for people to hang on their wrists/cups to let everyone know what they think the baby will be. We’ll cook out and then cut the cake which is either pink or blue on the inside – which – if you’re reading this – has already happened.

So I guess you want to know if it was pink or blue? Right? I think you might – but that will have to wait a second. Jeremy and I found this really cute giraffe wall vinyl that I just have to share.
This makes me think of Seth (being the big giraffe) and the little one being Kiera. Of course it would have to be in some other color besides orange like maybe Seth’s giraffe being brown and her’s being pink or some other color that matches this.


Did you catch that? 🙂 Did you see how I sneaked it in there? Did you get it BEFORE you saw the bedding? Come on – be honest!!!

Yup – our little pea is a SHE!! According to the ultrasound tech and I KNOW what I saw and it wasn’t a little ding-a-ling!! Sorry – just had to say that!

Her first name will be Kiera and if anyone steals it I will hunt you down – don’t even try me. I just knew it was going to be a girl and when the tech actually said “Looks like you’re having a girl” I thought I’d heard her wrong. Then she pointed out those three lines on the screen. I thought Lynda (Jeremy’s mom) was going to pass out. I wish I had a camera to catch the look on her face. Like I said though – I just felt like it was going to be a girl but I totally expected to hear “It’s a boy”. Why? Cause this is the first girl with our last name since Jeremy’s two aunt’s were born. Don’t worry Aunt Kathy and Aunt Lynette – I won’t say how long. 🙂

Kiera’s middle name was going to be Faith but after talking to a friend about names of other kids we are changing it. We haven’t decided to what yet but I think my mom was leaning toward Jane. I found out it was my fifth great-grandmother’s name (Sara Jane) and that’s where my grandmother got her name (Carolyn Jane) and where I got my name. At least I am pretty sure my mom said fifth great grandmother. Anyway – we will let you guys know when we know!

Oh – and in case you’re wondering – our registry is already done so you can go check them out if you want at Babies R Us, Amazon and Target.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of giraffe decal is from here at Cherry Walls on Etsy and the bedding is from here.



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