Dust, Paint & Surfing (Day 95)

Yesterday – here in the shop I work at – they were painting. They weren’t painting walls or machine parts or anything else that was going to be sold. Nope – they were painting the FLOORS.

They are painting the floors white I think. We are getting some kind of new machine in November and the guys out there are having to move around machinery to make room for it. I don’t know why the floors need to be painted. They are just going to get marked up when things get moved.

So yesterday – I closed my office door as not to smell the paint fumes coming through the office and opened the front door. The thermostat is in my office and it read 90 degrees (with the air on) before the day was over. All the cool air I could have gotten was being sucked out my closed office door anyway (that’s why I opened the front door). At least the boss men were cool.

Today – same thing is happening except this time they are using an electric sander to sand down the floor first. We have concrete floors so you can imagine the dust from sanding a concrete floor. I had to go out to deliver tickets and it was like I was walking in fog. I had to cover my nose and mouth with the tickets and then my shirt as to not breathe the dust. Oh – all the guys out in the shop had to breathe it too. Even the guy sanding wasn’t wearing a mask. It’s not that they WANTED to breathe it or didn’t mind breathing it – but there were no masks for them to wear. So opening all the bay doors it was. Soon – after he was finished sanding one by one the doors got closed and because of the set up of the shop my front door flew open and my office door slammed shut (something about the air circulation). It slammed so hard that the frame came loose. At this point the bosses were gone so I had someone else come in the office and fix it.

I now sit here with my office door closed and the front door open as not to smell anymore of the cleaner for the floors or any other sanding going on. Right now the thermostat reads 81. I can deal with that. I guess I just had to rant about the painting and the sanding. It can’t be good for anyone to smell the fumes of paint or to inhale the dust of already painted grey concrete floors.

This is one day when I will be SO happy to see 3:30 come (that’s when I get off). It’s not because it’s Friday either – it’s just because I don’t think I could stand to come in one more day this week – you know – like if today was yesterday. That sounds confusing doesn’t it? Yeah – sorry. I think you get my point though.

Since I am not busy and trying to avoid huffing paint fumes and concrete dust – I’ve been surfing Pinterest and Etsy. On Etsy I found EXACTLY what I want to buy for the nursery. Which reminds me – Jeremy took his dad their ab lounger we never used that was sitting in the back bedroom – back to him yesterday! YEAH! PROGRESS! Sort of…there is still the small detail of the futon and the gazillion boxes of stuff and the stuff in the closet to put somewhere but hey – it’s a start. Um – back to my Etsy find.

They could be this color or they could NOT be this color. I mean this could work for a boy’s room I guess or a girls. You won’t find out till tomorrow what the pea is but the picture you are looking at is from PomLove. This particular color scheme is called Whole Grain Goodness and you get five poms for $30.50 shipped. Now the mobiles we looked at on the Babies R Us website were like $50 so this could be a cheaper and cuter alternative. If you are set on an actual MOBILE then you could put these babies over your changing table or over a dresser. OH! She (Kirsten – owns PomLove) actually SELLS mobiles. They are $40-$70 with about $8-$12 shipping costs. The $70 mobile is a LARGE one. It would only look right to me if you had a really big room.You can also customize colors if you want to! There are LOTS to pick from!

Also – Kristen lives in Portland (I want to go there so bad!) and all poms are made from recycled paper! How awesome is that? There is also Pomfetti for about $3-$6 (round about depending on how much you get) with $2 shipping.
You could also buy these (Poms and Pomfetti) for your event too! Like a wedding shower or reception; baby shower or kids birthday party. There are so many different ways to use these.

Kristen is a multi-tasker too. She also has an Etsy shop called Styled By Kristen where you can get invitations, birth announcements and sometimes party accessories. Give her shops a look if you think she’s awesome or if you’re board. I’m sure you’ll get sucked into the world of Etsy if you haven’t been already!

xo – S.J.


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