Harold Parker State Forest (Day 94)

I get the magazine “Runner’s World” – even though I haven’t been running lately I still like to read the articles and learn new ways to train and condition. In the April 2011 issue I saw this picture (sorry I couldn’t find a bigger one).

Anyway – this is from Harold Parker State Forest in Andover, Massachusetts. It was in the magazine as one of Runner’s World Rave Run’s. I’ve always thought their Rave Run section was awesome but this just made me really want to get back into running and then take a trip up to Mass next year to do it. (It’s on my list – it’s just not doable at the moment.) Then I found out I was pregnant and I just never started running again. I walk about four miles every Monday with my MIL so I’ll get back there – at some point – and run it!

Back to the picture. According to the article (and it’s on Runner’s World website) the boardwalk is 1,000 feet and cuts through the Mary French Reservation. The late Mary French was a nature lover and a 38 year resident of Andover and this part of the forest was named after her on November 18th 2001. American Indians lived here until English farmers came in 1650. It’s believed that some of the homes around the forest were used in the 1850’s as part of the Underground Railroad.

I love history so this would be like a double trip for me if I ever do get to go!!

You can camp in the forest (not far from where the trail head is) from late May through early September. There are a total of 89 campsites each with a picnic table and a grill. There is NO electricity or running water at the campsites but there are fill up areas for water around the camping area as well as a few bathrooms with HOT showers.

If you’re a runner I would suggest you go if you can. I know I’d like to go! Oh – and if you do go or you have been here – share pictures or your opinion on how it is!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of trail from here. Other information on Harold Parker State Forest can be found here.



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