17 Weeks (Day 92)

So here we are once again – our weekly pea update.

The Bump: Our little pea is the size of an onion this week. The pea is 5.1″ long and weighs about 5.9 ounces. The skeleton is hardening changing from cartilage to bone and fat is accumulating around it. The umbilical cord is getting thicker and stronger and the peas fingers and toes are now topped with one of a kind finger prints. (I could swear that I’ve read/wrote that before.)

Baby Center: Everything stated above plus the fact that sweat glands are starting to develop. They also say that I could start feeling unbalanced since my belly is growing. Jeremy and I still haven’t taken our 4 month progress photo for our pregnancy pages. Eh – being a week behind won’t be that big of a deal. Baby Center also says that my eyes could be becoming drier. Which is so true. I had to put eye drops in every morning (I wear contacts and hardly ever take them out at night like I should). I finally got tired of it and put them in some cleanser and I am wearing my library lady glasses.
This is from Halloween (duh) in 2009 I think – I don’t look good enough to take a picture of myself at the moment. That’s my SIL Rita with me. This is right before I started to lose some weight.

Anyway – I’ve tried to stop wondering about if the ultrasound could be wrong (even though I’ve heard of another story where the girl was 16 weeks and the tech was wrong but not at my office). I even called my doctor’s office yesterday asking if I could have a copy of the picture. It was too late and the tech was already gone so she took my name and number but no one has called me back yet.

I’ve been trying to stay busy. I’ve almost finished up somethings that needed to be done by Friday and I’m not as stressed out about those things so that’s good. I got word that my baby shower date is set so that’s one more thing I don’t have to wonder about.

The doctor said at my appointment last Friday that I weighed (goodness) 150 pounds. So I didn’t get griped at for losing any weight – he was glad to see that I gained back the pound I lost plus three. I checked this morning and I’d lost two pounds. Maybe that has to do with the four miles I walked Monday with my MIL. Wednesdays are also our days we either walk or run in the swimming pool. It looks like it might rain though so who knows. I don’t really feel like doing anything today but I know that exercise is good for me and the pea.

I have one more post to write for today. I guess I better figure out what it will be about.

xo – S.J.


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