She’s never been wrong (Day 89)

So Friday was the day we got our gender ultrasound and all round check up on how everything is working in our little pea. Lynda (Jeremy’s mom) came along with us. After about 40 minutes in the waiting room I got called back for vitals. Then I got into my room and Jeremy came with me. We laughed so loud in our room I thought they (the doctor and the ladies that work there) might think we went crazy. I can’t really tell you what we were laughing at but believe me – it was hilarious. I snorted and my cheeks hurt for like 10 minutes after I stopped laughing.

Finally – the doctor came in and he had that little machine that you can hear the heartbeat with. So – of course we heard it. It didn’t seem as fast as the first time we heard it but it didn’t freak me out or anything. I asked him about my nose bleeding when I blew it and he said it was normal – to just try to avoid blowing my nose. Okay – I’ll just breath out my mouth for the next six months – yeah right. I will deal with the bleeding.

Oh – I almost forgot to tell you. I have gained a total of five pounds – FIVE. I’m glad I ate those two cherry covered doughnuts that morning – I think that’s where the five pounds came from cause when I weighed myself at home I still had only gained 2 pounds. At least I didn’t get griped at.

You really want to know about the ultrasound don’t you? Well after that conversation with the doctor I checked back in and waited for the two other women in front of me to have their ultrasounds done. When they called my name I was kind of nervous. I laid down on the bed/chair thing and the ultrasound tech went about her business of putting the cold stuff on me and telling us what everything was.

While all this is going on Jeremy is sitting in the chair beside the screen and Lynda is standing up behind him. I would watch their faces as the tech pointed out different things. She measured the baby’s head and there was a percentage up in the corner which said 89% and then she measured the legs, arms and what ever else she had to measure. I only remember the head measurement because I thought – oh no – my baby has a big head like Hannah’s did! Of course I don’t know if that percentage is the same thing that I am thinking about so I didn’t freak out too much about it.

The tech showed us the baby’s brain, heart, tummy and a few other things. She knew what we REALLY wanted to know so she went down to that region. “Down” was actually the right side of my tummy. The baby’s facing down toward my feet which I think is a little weird but she said was totally normal. We could see the baby’s ribs and spine easily – it was pretty neat.

Anyway – back to that region. The baby decided that their ankles needed to be crossed. He/she sat that way for a good bit. This is when the tech went and showed us other parts like the heart and stomach and stuff. Everything is in perfect working order. So when she came back to the “region” the baby still had their ankles crossed. So – the ultrasound tech decided to jiggle him/her to make him/her uncross their ankles. It worked – for a split second. Okay maybe a minute or two.

I could plainly see what “equipment” was there. I knew what a boy looked like and I knew what a girl looked like – I read up on and looked at ultrasound pictures of other people’s children just to remember. It’s been almost 10 years since Seth was born – I wanted to make sure I saw whatever she said she saw and not have any doubts as to whether she was right or not. As you may know – I can’t tell you what I saw. I can only tell you that I know for sure that the tech is right. She’s been there for 10 years (I’m pretty sure she did Seth’s ultrasound) and she’s never been wrong. I mean – that is her job. To make sure the baby is okay and everything is working and then to see if it’s a boy or a girl. You can’t really mistake a boy for a girl.
At least – I don’t think you can. This is the angle that we saw just reversed. There wasn’t a definite “Yes – it is a boy” or “Yep – it’s a girl” out of the tech’s mouth. She said “I’m pretty sure that it’s a (……….) but I always tell everyone to keep the receipts.”

I’ve heard of only one case from a friend who says that a friends ultrasound was wrong. It was done on a small screen but ours was done on a big flat screen. The tech was zoomed in pretty well and well – I just believe her. So – to friends and family that read this and are coming this Saturday – we will have pink and blue baby pacifiers for you to select if you think it’s a boy or a girl. Although – I haven’t figured out yet exactly HOW to do it – but I will by Friday!!! Party starts at 5:30 and cake will be cut at 6:30!!!! Hope to see you there!!!

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Boy ultrasound picture from here and girls from here.


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