Today is the Day (Day 88)

I go for my fourth doctors visit today. I weighed myself this morning (even after my mother told me to stop doing it) and I weigh the same as I did at my second visit again! So I gained back the two pounds I lost. Yeah me!

Also today is the day we take our monthly picture for our pregnancy pack we got from Ruby Love Designs on Etsy. (I told you I love Etsy!) Since I wanted to go ahead and buy ours before we knew what we were having we decided on the green
pack instead of a pink or blue one. Plus with all the amazing covers she has for baby books – I am sure we can find one that goes with the green pages and looks like a boy or a girl baby book.

Want to see what I mean? Here are two of my picks for a girl baby book.
This one is in the Floral/Paisley baby book section. She has it labeled as neutral but to me this just seems very girly. The square on the front that says Taylor is an extra five bucks. No big deal to me but you could also put a picture in there and not spend the extra money. I think a picture of your baby’s feet or her hand holding your finger – you know – something along those lines.

You may know this but I am a sucker for some damask print. Whether it be on a chair, clip board or any kind of fabric. So instead of posting about one more damask thing I decided to go with this as my second choice for a girl baby book.
Honestly, it’s a little out there for me but I like it. It’s very bold without being too loud I think. Again, this comes from the floral/paisley section. I think Jeremy might go for the first one which I do really like more. I just want the inside pages (lime green remember) to match the front in some way instead of clashing with it. I wouldn’t want the lime green front with pink pages on the inside. Maybe that’s just me though.

On to the boys! It is common knowledge that the boys decide if your baby will be a boy or a girl. Jeremy’s dad (Mike) has one brother – Alan. Both of them had boys – Mike three and Alan two. One of Alan’s sons and his wife are expecting a few weeks before me. They are having a boy. Jeremy’s brother and his wife are due two months before me and THEY are having a boy. So I am pretty much expecting today to be told “It’s a boy!” by the ultrasound technician. Of course I won’t be telling my Facebook (or you guys who read who aren’t on my Facebook) until the following Saturday (the 18th) because of the reveal party we are throwing. Sorry for the rambling. Here are my two picks for a boy baby book. (I just had to put in a damask – I’m sorry I can’t help myself!)

This one is in her damask section (wouldn’t you know) and it says the cover is printed chocolate-brown on white. I don’t really see the chocolate in the picture but since the lime green pages have some brown in them it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. This could also go for a girl but really – I tried hard not to pick a damask one – I just couldn’t stop myself!!

Up next – this one is actually in her damask tab too but I don’t really think of this as damask. It’s a subdued green color and I like it. It looks
aged and worn. Between the two boy ones – I probably should have put this one first. I really like it – but Jeremy and I have to decide on one together. Cause that’s how it always should be!

All the pictures came from Ruby Love’s Etsy page and if you’re expecting (or a friend of yours is) you should go look at her page. She sells gift certificates for her shop so if you don’t want to bear the responsibility of picking out a baby book for your friend (I’d hope you would get her opinion) you can buy her a $60 or $65 certificate so she can pick out her own.

I know most people don’t spend that much on a baby book but let me just list every page that one comes with….

Family Tree
Mom and Dad
The Pregnancy (Not the kind of pack I have)
Your Name
Your Baby Shower
The Birth Day
This Day In History
The Cost Of Living
Teeth Chart
Growth Chart
Health History
Early Days At Home
0-3 Months
3-6 Months
6-9 Months
9-12 Months
The First Birthday
Reflections On A Year Gone By
Various Journal and Photo Pages
ALSO – A 14 month calendar with matching labels to mark events, milestones and special days
PLUS – 20 Blank acid free archival pages for additional journaling, photos and scrapbooking
NEW – 10 FREE self adhesive photo sleeves

Whew! That’s a lot of stuff am I right? I’ve never been able to find a nice, modern baby book with all of this stuff in it. I don’t want a cutesy duck or Whinny the Pooh baby book. Don’t get me wrong, I love Whinny but I’m more of a modern girl with what I want these days!

Oh also – don’t forget she makes all these herself! Pages, covers, everything! How can you not love something handmade and so AWESOME?!

xo – S.J.


2 thoughts on “Today is the Day (Day 88)

    • Um – there is only one in there FOR SURE. lol Aww…I’m sorry you can’t come 😦 If I tell you will you shush until the 18th and not say ANYTHING to anybody??? 🙂

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