You Jack…(Day 86)

You know what I really want to say don’t cha? Yeah – I thought so.

Here’s the thing. I don’t park beside anyone on the right side of the car (the passenger side) at work. It’s the end spot so the only person I have to worry about is the guy parked on the driver’s side. Which – I park far enough away from him to open my door all the way so I can get out of the car with all of my stuff with no worries that I will get hit with the door.

I leave work yesterday and go get Seth. Still no one to my left or right when I am picking him up. He has allergy shots on Wednesday so we head there. Once again – when I park there is no one parked to the left or right of me. We come out and still no one is there. I leave – go get my niece and her friend to get dinner and even there no one is parked on the right but there is to the left.

We get back to the house and I tell Seth to get his swim trunks out of the car because they had a big slide at church last night for their end of the year party. He goes back to the car and says “Mom – there’s a dent in the door and scratches.” I thought for sure that he was kidding – but nope he wasn’t. Right there in the middle of the rear passenger side door was some WHITE scratches and a dent. (I tried to get a shot of it Daniela – you just couldn’t really tell anything!)

Freakin’ wonderful. I’ve had this car for what, five months, with no scratches (other than what was already on it when we bought it – little ones on the hood from rocks) and no dents and now this?? What the crap dude? I mean really? Somebody hits my flippin’ car with their door and doesn’t leave a note or wait on me or anything? If I did that to someones car I’d wait or I’d leave a note with my name and number and an apology and I’d take pictures before I left to prove what I did and didn’t do.

Once at Barnes and Noble a person parked SO CLOSE to me that I could only get my door open MAYBE eight inches to get in the car. This was only a few weeks ago and I know I wasn’t that pregnant but you know what I did? I left the dude/chic a note saying “Thanks for parking so close to my car! πŸ™‚ Sense my sarcasm there? It was SO easy to get in my car while PREGNANT.” There was no scratches on my car and I was nice enough not to bash my door against his to get in so his/her car was fine too but it really ticked me off.

So – I sent a text to Jeremy telling him what happened and at first I thought it was a rock or something but upon closer inspection it was a car door. He wasn’t too happy about it. We have some scratch away stuff at home to get rid of the scratches but what about that stupid little dent? It will annoy the crap out of me every time I see it until it’s fixed. Just like bird poop on the middle of your windshield that for some reason your wipers and washer fluid won’t get rid of – you got to get out and wipe it off.

I’ve thought about buying these little cards I’ve seen on Etsy. They are from seller Wry & Ginger – all the photos are from their Etsy page.

This one makes me think of our friend Mike D. Not because he parks like a drunk monkey – he just likes monkey stuff.






I’m sure you’d leave this for someone right? Right? I know I would. I can think of a few times I needed a card like this!

I am sure you have seen people do this (the rat one). I’ve seen really nice sports cars do it, pieces of crap who think their car is the shizznit do it and even old people. I doubt the old people do it on purpose though.

Oh – you get like eight laminated cards for seven bucks and it’s only one buck for shipping so $8 total. They are laminated so that, per Wry & Ginger, “the message will get through even if it rains or they try to tear it up in a fit of self-aware rage.” I’d like to watch the person I leave it for try to tear it up – it would be hilarious!

xo – S.J.


2 thoughts on “You Jack…(Day 86)

  1. I love those cards! I’m so gonna get some. The sewer rat is my favorite πŸ™‚
    You can try using a toilet plunger (preferably a clean one LOL) to get the dent out of your door. If it’s a concave dent it may work but if it’s too creased it won’t. Hope it helps!

    • It’s amazing what you can find on Etsy – I love it! Oh and we have a plunger but it’s one of those “fancy” looking ones not like the “old fashioned” ones so I doubt ours will work. I’ve thought about taking off the inside door panel to see if I can push it out that way. I just really don’t want to take the time to do it!!

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