Cabinet Freak Out (Day 84)

Yesterday I got home and had decided to fix breakfast for dinner.

Well – it didn’t happen. I got looking for a glass for some orange juice and became frustrated with how the cabinets looked. I then noticed that the counters needed cleaning – not horribly bad but they needed it. Then I realized the tables in the kitchen/dining room (it’s one big room) needed dusting. I then proceeded to clean off the desk, kitchen table and side table of their odds and ends. I moved all four chairs and bench into the living room, Seth ended up dusting for me (ain’t he sweet!).

Seth went off to start cleaning his room and folding his clothes when I realized that I still needed to clean out the two cabinets above the refrigerator that NEVER get used. So – to that spot I went. I got a box I brought from work and started filling it with insulated lunch bags no longer used but not throw away or Goodwill material. Old paperwork for our vacuum cleaner and other odds and ends paperwork. Then came the glasses. We have TONS of small kid sized glasses that we NEVER use. I packed up most of them (I left four plus all the plastic stackable cups) and also packed up the Christmas coffee mugs that weren’t used. Along with four other black coffee mugs. Still – after all that was put up – we have 10 coffee cups. I am pretty sure that’s enough.

I then proceeded to fill the over-the-refrigerator cabinets with things I didn’t want to store (cause they could break and that would be bad) but that we didn’t use either. So the obvious choice was our collection of shot glasses and Jeremy’s grandfather’s etched glasses. In our old jobs (Jeremy and I worked together for almost five years) Jeremy would get sent out for business – literally EVERYWHERE. So when ever he would land in what ever city it was – he would buy me a shot glass. I have one from Kentucky, a few from Canada, California, Texas, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Florida – too many to even count really. So I made Seth come and help me. I had gotten everything down from one cabinet and didn’t want to get up and down the chair to get them from the stove so – he helped. Before I knew it Crystal (my SIL) was in the drive way to color my hair.

Needless to say I never got around to thoroughly cleaning the counters, sweeping or mopping – but I will dang it! The whole cabinet thing gets me because we have TONS of cabinet space but most of it is filled with stuff we don’t use or we could find a better solution for storing it. Like our twenty something jars of spices – I seriously need a spice rack. Or the bake ware that I don’t use that just sits in the bottom of one of the big cabinets. I pawned off a cake pan on Crystal last night – even though she’s on a diet and doesn’t eat cake. Maybe she can pass it to a friend – I only used it once the six years we have lived in our house.

I’ve always been interested in storage solutions for cabinets. I walk through Lowe’s or Home Depot, even Wal-Mart looking at all the different solutions. It overwhelms me. What if it doesn’t work like I want? What if I don’t really like it as much as I thought? Then I have drilled holes in the cabinet for nothing. What are some ways you have organized your cabinets? Oh – one of our big cabinets is in the corner of our kitchen. I have to get a chair to reach to the back of the cabinet to get something (if I need it) and you can’t really see what’s back there. How in the world am I supposed to use that space? Any tips, tricks or advice would be appreciated!!!

xo – S.J.

I think I really need to start keeping my camera on hand – I type too much without pictures for you guys to look at! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cabinet Freak Out (Day 84)

  1. That big space that you can’t really see needs one of those round things that turns. You know kinda like the ones they put jewelry on in the stores but bigger and more sturdy. That way you don’t really have to look in the back. My son got my “spice rack” for me. It’s round and turns and the middle of the top is hollow for cooking untensils. It also has places on the side to hang things like my pizza cutter and can opener. I love things that have more than one use and help me save space. My kitchen is pretty big but I don’t have a lot of cabinet space. Oh and instead of having to get a chair to reach get one of those stools like the plastic ones for kids to stand on to reach the sink. They’re light weight so you can hang it on a hook like in a laundry room or garage and they’re small enough to store like under the sink. Also instead of a bench in the kitchen a storage chest works great. You can store things in it like the breakables you don’t want to get rid of but don’t really use and if you can find a cool antique one it looks pretty too 🙂

    • Thanks! The only thing about the bench is that it’s part of the kitchen table. It’s big enough to seat six people and we keep it on one side of the table and two chairs on the other with one chair at each end. I am not through going through the cabinets putting up the stuff we don’t use or giving it way. We have lots of teeny tiny plates (breakable) that we NEVER use so they are going in a box. We have lots of stackable tupperware too. I organized our junk drawer last night – made enough room to keep the aluminum foil and plastic wrap together! Thursday night will be busy for me! (I’ll have to look into one of those lazy susan things – I think that’s what they are called!

  2. No not like a lazy susan. That’s the thing you put in the middle of the table that turns so everyone can reach the napkins and salt and pepper and stuff. I don’t know what it’s called but dangit I’m gonna find out! LOL

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