Wash it I must (Day 82)

My first car/truck was a 1988 GMC Jimmy 4×4. Think something like the following but in MUCH better shape (almost new), painted white, lowered a bit with fender flares. I had the same guards on the front too but mine were chrome. The interior was red – not my favorite but it was nice. The only thing that was ever wrong with it was a tiny oil leak that my
step-dad fixed for me. I got her when I was 16 from my mom and dad. It still is the best car/truck I’ve ever had – besides the Honda now of course.

She was painted nice but there was no clear coat on top. So when she got dirty and I washed her she still looked nasty. I later found that a little Orange Clean could clean her up. Not the best idea maybe but it worked! I was a sophomore in high school and so when ever I would wash her I would go over her with Orange Clean to make her all pretty. I took my fair share of friends home and every one of them wanted my truck.

Sadly – one day in October of 2000 – I was coming home from the mall and a woman ran a red light and hit me. Thing is she hit at the very edge of my back bumper SO HARD that I spun around, jumping the curb of a nearby house and hit their tree head on. My seat belt held but broke at the last-minute and my head hit on the passenger side of the rear view mirror. Of course that could have been from the turd sitting next to me grabbing me and pulling me that way but who knows – I can’t remember.

Pieces of the Jimmy were all over the place. A guy taking his girlfriend out on their first date stopped to check on me and later my dad took me to the hospital. I was wearing a Tommy Hilfiger hat and the docs said that if I hadn’t been wearing it – I would have been in bad shape. I ran my fingers through my hair where my head had hit and handfuls came out, glass was embedded in my hat.

She was totaled – front axle broken and frame bent. There was no way to save her. I don’t think I drove again until my 18th birthday that next May. I ended up getting a Chevy Blazer but it wasn’t the same. Since then I haven’t really been a fan of cleaning up my vehicles. I guess I think that putting time into keeping them nice would just end in vain like it did with the Jimmy.

But – the Honda is my new baby – 2nd best car I’ve ever had. I ran her (see – every car/truck I own is a her) through the automatic wash the day before yesterday but it didn’t look like I had done anything when I dried her off at home. She still had bugs plastered to her side mirrors and the front of the hood. Today on the way to work I hit a stupid bird who decided it would be a good idea to fly in front of me and I almost hit a dog running out in the road. Why are animals so dumb?

Anyway – the whole point of this is that I need to wash her – by hand. I need to condition her leather seats and clean the dash with Armor All. I will not use Orange Clean – promise. I need to treat her like I treated the Jimmy but without fear of something happening. That wreck was the first and ONLY wreck I have ever had (I don’t count that one time getting hit in the parking lot – that’s another story) and I have never kept another car/truck as clean as I did the Jimmy. My irrational fear I guess.

Lets just hope my four months pregnant butt can do it alone – well – with the help of a nine-year old.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Photo of Jimmy from here.


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