Music (Day 83)

I have read in my Bradley book – and other places – that I should have music playing (if I want) to calm me while in labor. So – I’ve been looking for a used Ipod for sale because I have an older mp3 that I like but just isn’t what I want right now. Jeremy has a Zune but it’s too much new and not a lot of people have them used.

Anyway – I looked through my cd’s in the car and really there isn’t anything relaxing in there unless you consider Paramore and Colt Ford relaxing. I have stuff saved on the computer that I’ve been waiting to burn to cd that I really want in my car but just haven’t gotten around to buying any new cd’s yet.

So to share with you guys what I have been listening to lately here are some of the You Tube video’s I found. First is Olin and the Moon – they played in an episode of One Tree Hill. I watch that show and look up the music they play way too much!!

Jana Kramer plays a character on One Tree Hill – she’s an actress who went to rehab then turned her talents to music (her character not really her!). She actually sounds amazing!

This is another one of her’s – I just really like her voice.

What kind of music do you listen to – to calm down or relax? I need some opinions people! I have a few months to make a list and such but I am one of those people who like to be prepared in advance. Oh – and I don’t like all that classical stuff – it just makes me sleepy!!

xo – S.J.


3 thoughts on “Music (Day 83)

  1. For certain situations (like a lot of traffic & I’m about to scream) I like – Jack Johnson, Norah Jones, The Fray, or any rock song I love sang in acoustic.

    • If you looked in my CD case in the car – there is everything from Lil’ John to Colby Caillat. I only listen to Lil’ John when I’m alone in the car! 🙂 I mostly have country though – I listen to Paramore when I feel like screaming. 🙂

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