The Bradley Method (Day 79)

I bought this book a few weeks ago and haven’t really read that much yet. As of today I am on the first page of chapter number five. Now if you are pregnant and want to read this book don’t go to Barnes and Noble and look for a book called “The Bradley Method” cause that will get you no where. It’s actually called “Husband Coached Child Birth” and this is what it looks like. Don’t blame the timy picture on me – blame the Barnes and Noble website.

So far – like I said – I’ve only read the first four chapters. I have learned that husbands were not always allowed in the delivery room. They were there during labor but once it got time for the baby to come they were sent out of the room to a waiting area. Seriously? Why would these doctors not let the fathers/husbands of these women be in the room with them? I just don’t get it. I made the reference that “back in the day” as in my father’s day or before – that it was a family affair and everyone pitched in to help the mom. Why did that change once women started having babies in hospitals? I will never understand that.

I have also learned that no medication is safe for baby while still in the womb – nothing – nada – zip – zilch. I had to have antibiotics for double ear infections very early in my pregnancy. I wish I hadn’t taken them now but I would have been miserable without them. Also – when induced or having an epidural – EVERYTHING travels to the baby. Every single thing a mother puts in her body is transferred across the placenta and to the baby.

It was noted that nurses could tell a difference between “knock ’em out & drag ’em out” births (as Dr. Bradley called it) and the natural unmedicated birth babies. Medicated birth babies were slow to react at loud noises, they had different coloring and had a harder time with their first breaths. Natural birth babies reacted quickly, were a nice shade of pink and their noses and mouths didn’t need to be aspirated. Now – Seth was a medicated birth baby. I hated every second of it. From the guy who gave me my epidural that stuck me seven times to not getting to hold Seth at all for the first hour was awful. I do not blame any of this on my doctor – I blame myself. I was 18 and not educated about child-birth at all. I hadn’t read any books and no one told me what it would be like or what to expect (as far as I remember anyway). I hardly even remember anything about Seth’s birth except that he had lots of blonde hair, so blonde it looked white and that I thought he looked just like my brother the first time I saw him.

That is why this time I will be having a natural unmedicated child-birth. Anyone who wants to tell me – “Oh you will change your mind!” or “You won’t be able to – it’s too painful.” – you can just keep your opinions to yourself. I would rather give birth to this child the way God intended WITHOUT medication the way women have done it for thousands of years then go through the possibility of being in pain for days on end doing a medicated child-birth.

It’s my baby, it’s my body. I will NOT have any medications & I will NOT be induced. I am determined and I will not allow anyone in the delivery room (we get to have four visitors besides Jeremy) who will or has said any negative things about a natural unmedicated child-birth or about me. Anyone else on this bandwagon with me???

xo – S.J.

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2 thoughts on “The Bradley Method (Day 79)

  1. I was the same way with my son. I was 18 as well and didn’t know anything about it and don’t remember the first four hours. I was induced and had to have an emergency c-section. It was terrible. If I had known then what I know now I wouldn’t have been induced and just waited for him to come naturally. A friend of mine’s mom had four kids with no medication at all. You can do it!

    • Every time I read “You can do it” for some reason I think of that guy in Adam Sandler movies! Ha! Just had to point that out. I read today that Bradley classes are 12 weeks long and the next session starts in three weeks – on a Tuesday. Therefore – the hubs can’t go with me. They have a workbook I am trying to find but to no avail. I don’t want to pay $50-$80 for it on Amazon. I may also look into HypnoBabies – see what that’s all about. It seems like a very daunting task – but yes – with encouragement from family and friends (like you!!) I know I can do it! 🙂

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