Memorial Day (Day 78)

First – thanks to all the service men and women who fight for this country and those who have passed in the line of duty. Yeah I maybe a little late but a little late is better than never right? I’ve known many people who have served and are still serving. When I hear about reports of our military being killed overseas I always search the web to make sure it wasn’t someone I know. I dread the day that I find those people’s names on a list.

On to a lighter subject – the family gathering on Memorial Day. I got up and went to Hardee’s cause I still hadn’t gone to the store yet. Came home and got everyone up to eat and THEN I went to the store. Surprisingly there weren’t that many people at my local Wal-Mart so that made me happy. I hate crowded places and I hate getting behind someone who pushes their cart like they are a hundred years old.

I got everything we needed for home and then a few things to take to Lynda’s for the party (Jeremy’s mom). She always makes milky way homemade ice cream. Oh man – its like the best ice cream EVER! So we got the candy bars, evaporated milk and the ice, Jared got the regular milk and Brenda (Lynda’s sister) got the rock salt cause my Wal-Mart was all out. We got over there around noon and soon after we grilled out some hot dogs and bratwurst – that’s Jeremy’s favorite. We slathered up with sunscreen but as we later found out it wasn’t enough.

In the evening after staying in the pool ALL DAY you could tell Seth was starting to get red. He had also broken out in a rash on his stomach from the boogie board he was playing on. I went to go and spray some more sunscreen on him and he started screaming and crying saying it was burning. Needless to say we didn’t use that sunscreen anymore. I thought it was a name brand but found out later it wasn’t. I found one that didn’t burn (we had used the other day) and used the rest of it on Seth and Jeremy.

Once home that evening around nine we all took showers to get the chlorine off of us and I put aloe on both of them and some on myself. My shoulders are pretty red but that’s about it. Jeremy and Seth can hardly move their arms, chest and back are so burnt. Next time I will know not to buy that brand of sunscreen and I wish I could remember the name of it so I could pass it on but I can’t – sorry!

Once we were all cleaned up and had aloe we sat down and watched “I Am Number Four” on Blu-Ray. I’d have to say it was a pretty good movie. Now I will just have to read the books before the next one comes out. Oh – and Alex Pettyfer isn’t all that bad-looking!
It maybe helps a little too that he is English – I LOVE English accents!!! I will leave you now to possibly drool over your keyboard.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Alex Pettyfer picture from here.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day (Day 78)

  1. Sunscreen is something I’m trying to figure out right now… I can’t find something I like that doesn’t have oogey chemicals in it.

    However, as I’m researching, I’ve found these articles that I thought might interest you, since you’re sunscreening for two. :^)

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