Sunday & Baby Names (Day 76)

Being in the pool takes a lot out of you as I quickly learned – waking up seeing eleven on the alarm clock. Crap.

No alarms on the phones went off – Seth was still asleep and I was hungry. Imagine that. It was too late for breakfast from Hardee’s and since I hadn’t went to the store yet there was only three eggs and some biscuits in the fridge. Not nearly enough for all off us – plus there was no bacon. I must have bacon.

So – once I got Jeremy up and Seth up and we all got dressed and ready it was around one. I convinced Jeremy we needed to go to Cracker Barrel and off we went. I love Cracker Barrel and not just because it was the place I had my first job. I made $8 an hour at age 15 to wrap presents. Everyone hates my wrapping skills at Christmas because I use WAY too much tape – but it’s just to keep out prying eyes from the cracks in the paper. It’s something I had to do at Cracker Barrel – it just kind of stuck.

Anyway – I had two eggs with cheese, three pieces of bacon, a biscuit with grape jelly and a pancake. We still ended up taking two pancakes with us because Jeremy couldn’t eat them either. After we went into the antique store where I loved an old buffet they had for $170 but we decided not to get it. I was kind of sad but I know we can find something else.

We also decided that it was still early enough to go to my MIL’s house for a swim – it was only 4:30 and still really hot so off we went. We leave our bathing suit and towels there so we don’t have to lug wet stuff back and forth to our house. Once there Jeremy’s mom and step dad were already in the pool so we all changed and got in. It was still pretty cold to me but it was too hot to sit under the umbrella. Later we got something else to eat for dinner – don’t ask me what it was cause I can’t remember – and ended up going through our baby name book.

We sat down and wrote out all the highlighted names in the book. Boys on one side – girls on the other. We had probably 24 girl names and 19 boy names. Jeremy thought that the easiest way to pick out names was for each of us to write down our favorite eight from each list. The ones we both liked would be the ones we would eventually choose the name of the baby from.

Well – we wrote down our eight and handed them over to Lynda (my MIL) and she read out the ones that we matched. For girls there were only two. Kiera and Faith – Faith was a last-minute addition and we don’t know why it wasn’t highlighted in the first place. Now we had initially told Seth he could pick the middle name from a select list but since we only matched two girl names there was no list to pick from. Therefore – if this little pea is a girl her name will be Kiera Faith. What do you think? I love it – it’s different but not so different that people are like “Huh? What did you just say?”

Now as far as the boys names go we had four matching names. In no particular order: Evan, Elijah, Cooper and Jace. I can’t tell you which one is my favorite because really they all are. Being as we were into making our lists I sat and wrote down each name with the other names as the middle. For example: Jace Evan, Jace Elijah, Jace Cooper then Evan Elijah, Evan Cooper, Evan Jace and so on. We said each name (twelve of them) out loud to Lynda, Rik and Seth. We couldn’t make a final decision on a boy’s name at that moment. Given that you have probably wrote down or thought about the names given interchanged together – what is your favorite boy name?

Up next – the weekly update! 🙂

xo – S.J.


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