15 Weeks (Day 77)

As I switched over to The Bump I soon realized that I missed something from Baby Center.

Baby Center has a more detailed description of how baby is developing than The Bump. So for my weekly updates I will still refer to the Baby Center website but I have to tell you. I love the community boards so much more over at The Bump and they give you fruit comparisons which Baby Center doesn’t always. Well – on to the information!

Our little pea now measures about four inches long crown to rump and weighs in at about two and a half ounces. Baby is busy moving amniotic fluid through nose and upper respiratory tract which helps the air sacs in the lungs develop. Baby’s legs are growing longer than arms now and baby can move all of the joints and limbs! (I’ve felt flutters this week too!)

Although baby’s eyelids are still fused shut he/she can sense light. There is not much for baby to taste as this point but he/she is forming taste buds. Finally if I have an ultrasound this week (next Friday) we should be able to tell if it’s a boy or a girl.

Now to the other parts. It says I should have gained five pounds by now but a little more or less is fine. So maybe I shouldn’t be so freaked out that I have only gained about two or three pounds. It also says that I shouldn’t be surprised by a stuffy nose or even a bloody one. TMI but mine are combined – I can’t blow my nose without it coming out red. Baby Center also states that you should start to be able to feel the baby move at around 16-22 weeks and that some women feel it early if they’ve had a baby before. I felt it on Sunday morning for the first time then again on Monday. I told Jeremy that it kind of feels like a gas bubble moving or an actual butterfly in your tummy. I can’t wait until he is able to feel it.

So – that’s about it. I will write about our actual Memorial Day tomorrow. I think two posts is enough for today – I don’t want to wear you out!

xo – S.J.


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