The Bump vs Baby Center (Day 73)

Today I found The Bump – from The Knot (a wedding website). You would have thought that I should have known about this already – but nope.

I signed up for a free membership and it took me to a page that said “Pregnancy Checklist”. I thought, at first, why do I need this? As I got to looking at it though – I could really use it. Of course since I am three and a half months I am a little behind on the checklist.

Up in the corner it tells me how many days I have left till my due date – which is weird to think about in days instead of months or weeks – but it’s 183 days. We tell everyone Thanksgiving but in reality it’s the day after Thanksgiving (the 25th) but we don’t really think it matters that much.

So far there are 72 to-do’s still on my checklist with six completed (I just started reading them and decided to post on the subject). It’s actually very helpful and makes me think about getting our rear in gear cleaning out and moving Seth into the back bedroom which we have yet to do. It’s driving me nuts – I really want to paint!

Baby Center on the other hand is just basically boards to talk to other expectant moms which The Bump has this too. Honestly I like the Bump better so far. It seems cleaner and easier to navigate and actually more fun to use. Who would have thought that I would ever say that about a website?

Anyways – just my two cents. I think I’ve been converted – goodbye Baby Center – hello The Bump!

xo – S.J.


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