Cambodia (Day 72)

In reality the correct name is the Kingdom of Cambodia and their tourism website (yes – they have one) says the Kingdom of Wonder at the top.

You may have heard of Cambodia before and not known it. I’ve watched several ghost hunter tv shows about it and a few Vanguard episodes about different things. One of which I will touch on soon. I say you may have heard of it because if you’ve heard of Angkor Wat – you’ve heard about Cambodia.
Cambodia is in the southeastern corner of Asia. Angkor Wat was built as a temple for a king in the early 12th century as the state temple and capital city. It is surrounded by a moat to protect it. The stones that make up Angkor Wat were placed without the use of mortar which I think is just cool. They are held together by mortise and tenon joints or sometimes just dovetails and gravity itself.

A day pass to the Angkor Archeological Park is $20. The park closes at 6pm and according to some locals interviewed by the Destination Truth team – you don’t want to be there after dark. There have been reports of several different types of entities in the complex and screams. I for one – wouldn’t be there.

Another place to visit/stay in Cambodia is Sihanoukville Beach. A white sand beach resort with the waters of the Gulf Of Thailand at your feet. It looks really pretty and I’d love to go there. Anybody with me?

The website offers several different tours/stays for Cambodia. Just like anywhere here would do. Combined packages for the beach and Angkor Wat or travel to the different cities and other Cambodia attractions. Even though all this sounds and looks amazing (check out their other hotels and attractions) you should also be aware of what’s going on that you can’t see and no one talks about.

Vanguard is a show on Current TV. As their page headline reads “No-Limits Documentary Journalism TV Series”. Now if I didn’t have a family – this is the kind of reporting I would do – if at all possible. They get into things that no other tv news shows get into and it’s amazing what the world wouldn’t know if it wasn’t for these people.

One of the shows I am talking about regarding Cambodia is this one: Forest Of Ecstasy. Now this isn’t the whole tv show on this – it’s just the promo. I watched the whole episode on Hulu because we don’t get the channels that it comes on. Just by this preview you see that people are tearing down the forests in Cambodia to supply the world need for ecstasy.

The oil they are taking comes from one certain tree. Once they find it they cut it down and basically boil the oil out of it then take it to who ever makes the pills in Cambodia and start the process over. Adam Yamaguchi and his crew were even fired upon while searching with the police for camps to destroy.

Would you have known where the supply for ecstasy came from if not for this show? Would you have known how that tiny little pill is destroying the forests in Cambodia? I wouldn’t have. I love this type of reporting and I would die to have a chance to go with Mariana on one of her stories.

So – even though it’s a beautiful place to visit and a very ancient culture with lots of buildings to explore – there are dangers that threaten the country and people here who use this drug. I would love to go here just to say that I have been and walked the steps of a centuries old temple.

Knowing the good and bad of Cambodia – would you still go??? Just for kicks I looked up how much an airline ticket would be from Atlanta to Cambodia. Leaving on a Friday and coming back on the following Saturday with short wait times on flight changes was about $2,638 per person round trip.

Maybe one day when I hit the lottery then….

xo – S.J.


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