14 Weeks (Day 71)

Bonjour! I’m feeling French today – sorry!

Well – I’m in my second trimester officially this week. I broke down yesterday and wore my first pair of pregnancy pants – is that bad? I told Jeremy that I felt bad for wearing maternity pants when I was only three and a half months pregnant. I don’t feel like I should be in them yet but it’s getting harder for me to keep some of my pants together with a rubber band. There I said it – I feel like a fat cow sometimes. I feel like I am in that stage where people will look at me and think – oh she’s a little chunky instead of knowing that I am pregnant which they can’t cause they don’t know me. Anyone else ever feel like that?

Anyway – on to the details of this week. Our baby can now squint, frown, grimace, pee and possibly suck his/her thumb. Thanks to brain impulses the baby’s facial muscles are getting a workout as his/her tiny features form one expression after another. The baby’s kidney’s are producing urine which he/she releases into the amniotic fluid – a process that will continue until birth. He/She can grasp now too so if you have an ultrasound soon you may catch them sucking their thumb.

Our baby is growing!! From head to bottom the baby measures about three and a half inches – about the size of a lemon – and weighs about one and a half ounces. The baby’s body is growing faster than its head which now sits upon a more distinct neck. By the end of this week, the baby’s arms will have grown to a length that’s proportionate to the rest of its body. The baby is also starting to develop lanugo which is an ultra fine hair covering their entire body. Also the baby’s liver starts making bile this week – a sign that its doing it’s job right – and their spleen is starting to help produce red blood cells.

Baby center says that my energy should be returning this week and that a few of the tender spots will stop hurting – thank goodness! It also says that I will start to show this week which is why I can’t fit in my regular jeans hardly anymore. I guess it’s okay then.

I’ve said it before but we find out in a few weeks if it’s a boy or a girl and we are planning a party at our house. I’ve finished the invites and bought a few party supplies like balloons a green polka-dotted drink dispenser (it’s so cute) and invites should go out in a few weeks. If you’re a friend and live close by let me know and I will make sure to put you on the list!!!

xo – S.J.


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