2012 (Day 70)

This next year will be an election year.

I used to think, back in high school, that voting was boring and not really worth the time that it took to go and stand in line to wait for a booth to cast my vote. Now I realize that it is completely worth my time and my energy to know a candidate’s stance on certain things and what their plans will be once in office (if elected).

According to Wikipedia the following Democrats have formally announced their bid for President in 2012. Barack Obama and some Republican turned Democrat guy named Randall Terry.

Also according to Wikipedia the following Republicans have formally announced their bid for President in 2012. Herman Cain (former Federal Reserve banker and Georgia business man), Newt Gingrich, Gary E. Johnson, Fred Karger (a Republican gay rights activist), Andy Martin, Jimmy McMillan (It says he a Democrat but was under the Republicans announced on this Wiki page where I got everyone from), Ron Paul and Tim Pawlenty (my favorite so far). Last but not least the most awkward of them all – Jonathon Sharkey – self-proclaimed vampire and Satanist from Florida. I mean – after reading his information who in their right mind would ever take this guy seriously?

I strongly want everyone who is of voting age to research as much as you can on every candidate. If you can’t tell already I am a republican. I do not agree with abortion or same-sex marriages. I agree that our government needs to be reduced in size and I do not think the debt ceiling needs to be raised. The border between us and Mexico needs to be more secure and I believe in the death penalty. There are so many people in this country sitting on death row – sitting there for YEARS – wasting our money.

You decide who will be our next president. You decide the way in which this country will progress by the people who you and I vote into office. Be informed people! You have a whole year plus some to know who you want to vote for…hopefully that’s enough time. I know I will not be voting for the vampire guy or Obama and a few others already!!

xo – S.J.


2 thoughts on “2012 (Day 70)

  1. I always enjoy reading your blogs… I usually agree with them. I agree with your political views here too. How we differ is our feeling on voting. I will go vote. I do not believe my vote counts, it is my right that women fought for and earned. So, I will not waste it. However, unless we have a popular vote in this country, which we don’t and have a very small chance of in 2012, our votes simply don’t mean as much as they should. With the electoral colledge in place a popular vote is just a poll. Especially unfair/unconstitutional since we pay so much in taxes. (another ‘soap box’ of mine). Taxation without representation. There are also people who are super delegates, whose vote actually counts much more than the normal voter. How can this be fair? And, this is when the line starts to look too long to wait in.

  2. I agree totally! So far Tim Pawlenty is my favorite too but I’m watching Herman Cain as well. I think his background in finance would be wonderfully helpful for our economy. I will certainlly not be voting for the vampire moron or Obama either!

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