Diapers (Day 67)

Who would have thought I’d be doing a post about diapers? Well I certainly didn’t. The only reason I am writing this is because I was looking at one of my favorite baby blog/websites yesterday Spearmint Baby and saw a tag off to the side about something called gDiapers. I clicked on it.

It took me to their website and I started to watch their videos. It’s pretty unbelievable. The first video I watched was about “do diapers biodegrade”? They took three different kinds of diapers and did a test in Australia to see how they decomposed in a landfill/compost situation. First was a leading chlorine free diaper, then a disposable diaper (I don’t know the difference really), and then the FLUSH-ABLE gDiaper – yup I said flush-able. They lined them up in the compost pile and took photos. On day 34 the flush-able gDiaper is half way decomposed when the other two are nowhere near that state. Day 53 the flush-able one is completely GONE while the others still look like they did on day one. Even a year later the two diapers are still left looking exactly like they did the first day they were placed in the compost pile. It states because they are mostly plastic it will take up to 500 YEARS before they decompose.

Seriously?! I’ve never been a fan of cloth diapers and Seth wore Pampers all the time. The next video I watched was about how it is flush-able. You rip the side pieces off, dump out the lining in the toilet, stir it with your “swish stick” to start the breakup process then drop in the rest and flush. It’s the same with a poopy diaper but the water proof lining may be dirty. The lining snaps out and you can either wash it in the sink with soap or throw it in the washing machine. They dry in about 10 minutes. The outside of the gDiaper shouldn’t be dirty so you can use it again. Seems pretty simple and you don’t have a stinky diaper smell in your baby’s room or anywhere else where you might dispose of used diapers.

Diaper covers come in about 10 different colors so you can pick which ones you want for your baby. This all seems awesome – until I see how much it all is. If you buy the gBaby Bundle through Diapers.com you get 12 tiny gPants (6-10 pounds) with cutouts for umbilical cord, 6 little gPants (8-14 pounds) and 80 refills (the toss/flush kind). How much you ask? $131.99 with free shipping. I thought “Holy crap!” but then I got to thinking about it. Liners are $20 for six of them and they are washable. You buy one pack of gRefills for $14.49 (with shipping charges) and there are 40 in a pack. If you buy a four pack of gRefills you pay $52.00 for 160. Initial investment of $131.99 then when baby gets over 14 pounds you pay about $18 per gPant to get bigger covers.

So just for fun I went an a hunt. A 40 count refill for the gPants was $14.49 with shipping charges. Since Seth wore Pampers when he was little it’s what I looked up. A 36 count of Pampers Swaddlers for newborns was $10 with shipping charges of who knows.

Not that huge of a difference but it is a difference. A now since you and I both know the impact on the environment of the Pampers verses the gDiapers which one would you pick? Would you splurge on the gDiapers to help our environment or go with the Pampers just cause it’s more convenient than having to rip, dump and flush?

I am going to bring up this point to Jeremy and see what he thinks. I mean, I am sure our parents or our grandparents used cloth diapers (I used them for Seth but they were used for burp cloths) for their intended purpose. If they could do it why couldn’t we?

xo – S.J.


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