13 Weeks (Day 65)

Here we are – the last week of my first trimester – 13 weeks. It’s hard to believe.

This week our baby has his/her own set of fingerprints. I think it’s amazing that no one has ever or will ever have the same set of fingerprints. I get all fuzzy thinking about it. God really is amazing isn’t He? Also this week – you can see the veins and organs clearly through the still thin skin of the baby.

His/her body is starting to catch up with his/her head – which makes up a third of the baby now. If we are having a girl (which everyone says we are) she has more than 2 million eggs in her ovaries. That’s just crazy to think about. Oh – the baby is almost three inches long (about the size of a medium shrimp) and weighs almost an ounce. Last week at my doctor appointment I had lost a pound. My OB wears glasses and he looked at me over them and said “Have you been sick? Have you been eating?” Let me tell you – I do eat. I haven’t been walking or jogging like I want but I have been eating. It’s not like I am trying to lose weight or anything. I eat at least four or five times a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe a snack in the morning or the afternoon. I had frozen yogurt last night too – does that count? 🙂 Anyone else lost weight in the beginning like that? Is it normal??

We have a pregnancy pack we have been keeping up with and each month you are supposed to take a picture of your baby bump. This months picture didn’t really look all that different to me than last months picture. Plus last months picture was a very serious picture I guess you could say. I smiled of course but I held my shirt to myself so you could see the so-called bump. This months picture was more fun. I had a purple striped shirt on (thanks Crystal!) and a yellow flower in my hair and I used the big fake tree in the kitchen as a prop – kind of like peaking through the leaves. It was a cute picture. It only cost me 35 cents to print out at Walgreen’s too. Our printer still isn’t working – at least – I don’t think it is. Eh – I’ll ask Jeremy.

As far as the back bedroom goes – there has been no progress. We seriously need to get our butts in gear. We only have about $80 left on the baby’s crib and changing table in Babies R Us lay a way and I don’t want to bring it home and have nowhere to put it.

I threw the idea of a light grey room with an accent wall to Jeremy the other day and he didn’t totally turn it down so there is hope. At least we agreed on there being a light grey color instead of dark and gloomy one!!! This weekend is a weekend that we don’t have anything planned to attend. Which is rare for us. So maybe in the middle of mowing and weed eating we can move some of the boxes and stuff from the back bedroom into the attic or the building. I will push them into the kitchen if I have to just to get them out of that room.

There are things we need to take to my FIL house and hopefully lots of stuff to take to Goodwill or sell online. I’ll let you know how it all works out!!!

xo – S.J.


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