Party Planning (Day 64)

I told you guys yesterday that I was in the process of planning our party for next month and that I was going to tell you about the stuff I bought to make our invitations.

So here goes.

Sunday after church my MIL Mary and I went off to Michael’s Craft Store after eating at Ryan’s. Honestly – Ryan’s wasn’t that awesome. I much prefer Golden Corral if I am to go to a buffet place (which isn’t often) but we had coupons so – that’s where we went. Anyways – once in Michael’s I asked: Do you have any blank invitations? The lady kind of looked at me and was like “Huh?” I mean seriously – BLANK INVITATIONS. Just plain old invitations. She pointed me off in a random directions because she “wasn’t sure” and off we went.

We got side tracked by the 50% isles and the buy one get one for a penny picture frames. Eventually we got around to where she said they might be and they were blank wedding invitations. I was thinking you know – something maybe cute on the front and inside blank so I could write it in. Nope – nothing to be found ANYWHERE in Michael’s. We continued looking and I almost got sucked into the beading section. That used to be my hobby a while back but it got annoying so I quit.

Then I hit the mother load – the isle I had been looking for really in my mind but not really thinking about it. The stamp isle. I knew I wanted some kind of summery stamp for the envelopes and maybe as the inspiration for our cake. They had butterflies, bees, flowers, there was even a beach ball stamp. I finally settled on one. It was $2.99 but was cheaper with the 20% off stamp sale they had going. He’s a cartooned honey bee. I say honey bee because he has no stinger. He’s cute!

On to the paper isle we went. I wanted something pretty like damask print or something vintage looking but Mary convinced me otherwise. We found pastels, bright colors, and finally polka-dotted and criss cross patterned yellow, pink, blue and green paper! YES! Plus it was only $4 compared to the $14 stuff I had originally looked at. Then when I found my paper I went looking for ink for the stamp to kind of match.

I got a black one and a green one but they were about four or five bucks a piece. While we were standing around the register I saw this huge 3 bucket freestanding tower with a big sign “All Ink $1”. How about that?! I put down my $12 of ink and picked up a grey one and green one for $2. I got a few other things and it ended up being about $11 I spent total. I was so happy!

If I could find pictures of everything I would post them but I can’t. So – I’ll keep you updated!

xo – S.J.


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