Yes!! (Day 62)

I was doing so good with keeping up on the weekends! Dang it.

Anyways – Saturday my BIL Jared threw a surprise party for his wife Rita’s birthday. I had fun. It wasn’t too hot or too cold and the rain stayed away. Afterward we went to watch a movie but was late because of traffic – some girl named Lauren Alaina was in town. I don’t watch American Idol so I could have cared less. I know the chic in the movie theater selling me popcorn didn’t care either. She said that she went to school with her and she was rude pretty much all the time. I knew people like that.

On to other subjects – I went shopping for a dresser or a chest of drawers this past Friday with my SIL Crystal. I found an old buffet that had been redone (it looked like a nice dresser to me – it would work for what we intended anyway). It was all wood and painted white. They wanted $170 for it. We are still thinking about it and hopefully when we make up our minds it will still be at that antique store.

Also on Friday I had my appointment – and the party planning begins!!! We now know when we will find out the sex of the baby – we will have a gender reveal party the next Saturday after. I didn’t want to do it the same Saturday after we found out cause I didn’t want to put too much pressure on the cake lady. Plus I think I can keep my mouth shut for a week!!! So no one ask me!!!  🙂

I’ll tell you about what I bought for invitations on the next post!!! I’m so excited to plan this party!!!!

xo – S.J.


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