Neutral Rooms (Day 60)

The plan has been to clean out the back bedroom (the so-called “junk” room), paint it blue for Seth and move him in with new to us refinished furniture. So far – I’ve packed up boxes but they haven’t been moved anywhere so it’s still the same. Being three months pregnant now I really need to get a move on.

When Seth finally does move into his new room – his old room will turn into the baby’s nursery. We will probably know what the baby is soon but I really like the idea of a neutral colored nursery and then add boy or girl accents. I wear lots of grey, black and blue jeans. Actually – that’s exactly what I am wearing today – I do have a yellow hair pin in, one of my birthday presents – so I am not totally boring today. It’s from Bohemian Blossom – it was only $4 with $2
shipping from Dearborn, Michigan. I’ve gotten a few things from these girls and all of them are amazing.

Anyway – back to my original thought process. Neutral colors for a baby nursery. When I think of neutral and babies my mind automatically turns to yellows, greens and browns. Now – I love yellow but I don’t think I would want a whole room painted that color.

I love green too – reminds me of nature but I don’t know – I’m not too sure about it. Then there is brown. I’ve looked through lots of baby nursery pictures. Lots of them have brown. Some of them use it in stripes, some on the bottom half of the wall with chair molding (our original idea) and some even painted the whole room brown.

Granted – our kitchen is a light beige brown on top with white chair railing and dark chocolate-brown on bottom with a wine colored accent wall but in all fairness – I don’t want brown in the baby room. ESPECIALLY since we bought an espresso colored crib and changing table from Babies R Us. So – on my search for neutral baby rooms I went again. This time I discovered that most of the rooms I liked had beige colored walls and colorful accents. Let me tell you though – I hate the beige color with a passion so why do I gravitate towards the rooms with those colored walls?!!? Maybe it was just the accents I was attracted to. I also thought about grey baby rooms. It’s calming and not too “I’m boring” and we could spice it up with accents.

BUT – we could just pick a color and let my SIL Rita handle everything else. She is AMAZING with decorating. You should see her house. Every room has accents and every season she changes it up. I never get tired of going to her house. I’ve told her on more than one occasion that I would pay her to decorate my entire house. Seriously – she could be on one of those HGTV shows about redecorating.

Am I stressing too much about the nursery? Seth’s room wasn’t done in anything because I lived in an apartment at the time and couldn’t so I wasn’t too concerned with it. This time though we can do anything because its OUR house. Gosh – I’m nuts aren’t I? I should focus on only one thing at a time. We can’t do the baby’s room until Seth’s room is done. Seth’s room can’t be done until the stuff is moved out. I guess that’s what I should focus on and try not to stress out about.

Sorry – I ramble and I’ve gone on about this on more than one occasion. Don’t hate me – I’m OCD a little and freak out about little things. Like the cupcakes I attempted to make last night. They sunk in – WTH? I’ve never had cupcakes do that. Then the icing wouldn’t get thick FOR ANYTHING so I just threw it out. I quit – I cried. Yup – cried – for about five to ten minutes over cupcakes and icing.

That was my Thursday night – how was yours??

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture from here


2 thoughts on “Neutral Rooms (Day 60)

  1. I like the idea of doing the room in light brown (not beige yuck!) and doing the accents in either powder pink or light blue. I love brown/blue or brown/pink together and doing a neutural color will make it easier to change it up as the baby gets older or just because you get tired of one color. I did my bathroom in eggshell white so I just buy new rugs and curtains and stuff when I want a different look.

    • That was or original plan – do brown on the bottom then white chair railing and then the blue or pink on top. BUT – another person in the family is going the same thing for their little one (its a boy) and I do not want to copy them. I looked again after I wrote the post and maybe I should just find something that speaks to me and do the room around that. Like a picture or some fabric. There are so many things though that I would like it’s hard to pick!!

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