12 weeks (Day 58)

Today I am 12 weeks (round about) and I’m starting to do the rubber band trick with my pants more often than I like to admit. I am definitely using my belly bands that Jeremy got me and I am wearing a maternity tank top today – it’s so flippin’ hot out. My other tanks no longer cover my unbuttoned rubber banded pants.

We have a pregnancy pack for our baby book that we are filling out month to month but on one page there is the list of firsts. First sick feeling, first time you had an ultrasound – things like that. One of them is the first time you wore maternity clothes. Now – I only got my maternity tanks (I got four of them) two weeks ago. I’ve worn each one only once so far. Yeah – I’ve kept up with it. So I don’t really know when I started to wear them – but should shirts really count as maternity clothes?! I mean yes they do but I feel bad saying I started wearing “maternity clothes” at what seems like so early to me. I’ll just pick a date from the past two weeks and write it down – out beside it I’ll put – Shirts. I won’t feel so bad then! That will be okay right?

Anyway – on to maybe the real reason why you’re here reading this – the little pea.

First off – I still have no morning sickness and I am pretty sure that since I haven’t had any yet – I won’t at all. Yeah me! Sorry for the women out there who do. I’ve read and over heard that the only reason morning sickness happens is because you are dehydrated or you haven’t anything in your tummy for a while. I drink an instant breakfast in the mornings and at night either a glass of milk or orange juice right before bed.

On to the pea. The most dramatic development this week – REFLEXES! Yup – fingers will start to open and close, toes will start to curl, eyes will clench and mouths will make sucking movements. Baby Center says if I poke my belly, the baby will move – although I can’t feel it. This sounds gross but the babies intestines that grew so fast they grew into the umbilical cord will start to move into the abdominal cavity and kidneys start to make pee!

Also – nerve cells are multiplying and in his/her brain synapses are forming furiously. Eyes have moved from the sides of his/her head to the front and ears are where they should be. From crown to rear the baby is two inches long and the size of a lime weighing half an ounce.

It also says that I may already be into maternity clothes especially if this isn’t my first pregnancy. So that makes me feel a bit better I guess. It says I may also start to get heart burn….nothing like that yet! I also have been noticing I wake up on my right side sometimes while I am sleeping. I looked it up today and it says that sleeping on your right side may cause pressure on the vena cava. Women have experienced fainting, dizziness and some have even passed out due to restriction of this major blood vessel. It leads blood back to your heart from your pelvic area. They (the MD’s on Baby Center) say you should sleep on your left side ONLY during your third trimester to help put the baby in the right position.

I used to sleep on the left side of the bed but we switched a few nights ago but I still end up facing the edge of the bed when I wake up. It’s like a phobia I guess. When I lived with my dad at the age of 14 an on up until I was 18 – my bed was up against a wall. It was so cold to put my back against it and if I faced it I felt like I was in a box and would freak out. So – I started sleeping towards the edge of the bed and forced myself to sleep that way – it’s been that way ever since.

This morning I woke up on my right side facing the edge of the bed. I got up to get in the shower and felt horrible. I slept well not even hearing the dog bark or anything – but still felt awful. I think it maybe to early to blame it on me laying on my right side putting pressure on the vena cava but maybe it could be. After a while in the cool shower standing up I felt better and continued getting ready for work.

Anyone else had this issue while pregnant? Were you conscious of which side you slept on?

xo – S.J.


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