It’s in the water (Day 56)

So be careful if you drink it.

I’m not talking about some real disease or anything – I am talking about babies. My hubs (Jeremy) cousin M is having his second child with his ex-girlfriend and she is due in July. Jeremy’s youngest brother and his wife are due in September. Jeremy’s OTHER cousin Dave and his fiance are due in October. We (Jeremy and I) are due with our little one in November. We found out yesterday that Jeremy’s OTHER cousin (M’s older brother) Dan and his wife are expecting one week and three days after me. Oh – almost forgot. A friend at church is having her fifth child due around the same time as me (she’s due on the 27th but usually they come early). Another girl I know and her sister are pregnant but I am not sure when they are due. OH – and Mary at church is pregnant too.

So that’s how many….1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, NINE people I know or am acquaintances with who are pregnant.

Seriously. Jeremy and I have been throwing the idea around about having a gender reveal party in July and having all the still pregnant women come and take a picture. It would be neat I think – but I can’t think of a theme to save my life. We will find out the day after our anniversary (I think) – I am going to ask this Friday to be sure. There are lots of things I want to talk to our doctor about this Friday. Let’s hope he’s open to NUCB – that’s natural unmedicated child-birth. Yep – that’s what I am shooting for.

So it’s just a warning – if you don’t want to have a baby – don’t drink the water!  Hehehe!!  😛

xo – S.J.


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