IS Foundation (Day 54)

I have a twitter – you can see my twitter feed to the right over there. I don’t follow lots of people but I follow a few – okay like 28 people. A couple are friends, many are actors and actresses, radio people, artists and two Vanguard correspondents reporting on things you would never hear about on regular news. There is one person however I follow that is constantly filling my twitter feed with eco-friendly news and ways to help save animals and our environment – which I don’t mind at all – and it’s not because he’s cute. His name is Ian Somerhalder.

You may know him from Lost (I got in late on that one) or the Vampire Diaries. He plays as Damon, the bad boy vampire. Ian runs the IS Foundation or the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. I have signed a few of the petitions he’s had on his website for animal rights or environmental projects (I miss them on my feed sometimes). I can’t begin to tell you all the things ISF does but there are three main areas of focus. Habitat, energy and animals.

Deforestation, conservation, green technology, animal cruelty and empowerment of No Kill shelters are just a drop in the bucket of the things ISF hopes to bring realization to.

The IS Foundation has a Facebook, Twitter and you can find Ian’s blog postings in the Huffington Post. You can also shop at the ISF website. They carry gym bags, water bottles, t-shirts and tanks, doggie t-shirts, iPhone cases, a journal, buttons, stickers and women’s underwear. Yep – undies. You can get them saying “My vamp is GREEN” or “My vamp ❤ furry friends”.

If you don’t want some undies that say “My vamp is GREEN” you can donate to the IS Foundation instead. You can pay by credit card or paypal and even do recurring donations. If neither one of those sounds good to you, you can mail a check to the foundations office in Santa Monica. Might I remind you too that donations are tax-deductible.

Way down at the bottom of the page there is a link that says “Get Involved”. You can volunteer, do fundraisers and give the money to ISF or you can share your ideas and projects through email. Ian is only one person – but he’s brought a lot of attention to many different projects, imagine what we all could do if we helped?

I try to be environmentally friendly and animal friendly. We’ve changed out all our light bulbs to those energy-efficient funny looking ones (that’s like 20 something light bulbs my friend) and set our thermostat correctly. We used to just turn it up and down all the time – it was horrible on our electric bill. We’ve learned to cuddle up in blankets if we’re cold and wear shorts and tanks if it’s warm instead of flipping the switch on the thermostat.

I LOVE to hike – just not when it’s cold. Being pregnant though might make it a little harder on the paths I like to take (falling down the side of a mountain wouldn’t be fun). I hate when I am out and see trash on the trail. Makes me get a little pissed. I pick it up and usually there is a trash can at the end. I have a Honda Civic – not the BEST energy-efficient car but better than the Mitsubishi Endeavor I drove for a few years and FOR SURE better than the Sport Trac I used to drive.

What I am trying to say I guess is this – we may do little things to help here and there and feel like we aren’t making that big of an impact. Thing is – if someone sees you pick up that trash, or rescue an animal – they will think, if she/he can do it – so can I and on it will go. I may not be famous like Ian and you may not be either – BUT – we only have one planet – let’s help protect it together.

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Photo of Ian from here.


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