Me (Day 53)

Today is May 6th.

Twenty eight years ago today my mother went into labor and had me. I don’t remember what time I was born or how much I weighed or how long I was – I’m sure my mom does though. I do know that my brother (who was five at the time) weighed the same as I did when he was born. At least – I am pretty sure we did anyway.

I remember someone telling me that I wasn’t planned. My brother had complications during and after his birth and I don’t really think that my parents wanted the possibility of going through that again. But alas – I was here safe and sound.

I also know that my name might have been Sarah Elizabeth or Scarlett (I would have liked either) – Scarlett Jane sounds nice. Instead I got named by my five-year old brother. Thanks mom. He was in kindergarten and there was a girl in his class that he thought was so pretty. Blond hair and blue eyes if I remember right – Seth takes so much after his Uncle John – all of his “girlfriends” in school look just like that. Anyway – I got her name – which I won’t say here. There aren’t many of us around and I’m well – paranoid.

Throughout grade school (k-5) I didn’t have a problem with my name. All my friends knew it, they knew how to spell it, they knew how to say it correctly. It wasn’t until middle school I started getting annoyed by my name. The teachers didn’t know me so they said it wrong, spelled it wrong and even after they were corrected a dozen times it was still wrong. After three years of that I knew something had to change. Once in high school when they would call my name in class I’d raise my hand and say “Please – just call me Jane. It’s much easier that way.”

So – in high school things changed. I was no longer the girl with the funny sounding name. I was just Jane – to most people. My friends from elementary school who still were around in high school – Jami, Candice, Jessica and Anthony – still called me by my first name or an abbreviation of it. Jami even just started calling me by my last name.

I still have to explain to people how to say or spell my name but your name doesn’t make you who you are. You’re parents, friends and your surroundings do. I’m going to stop there before I start crying. Stupid hormones.

I still talk to Jami, Candice and Jessica thanks to Facebook. They still call me by my first name or my last name (my maiden name) which I like cause they’ve known me almost all my life and even their parents. I didn’t have a point to my post today – I was just telling you a little about me. I love all my friends and all my family – I know this birthday will be great because of you guys.

xo – S.J.


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