Let’s See It (Day 52)

Not much to say except that I want to see a photo of Osama – I don’t care that it may be graphic or whatever. I just want to see it. I didn’t vote for Obama and I never will for any reason. I think he’s done a horrible job since he’s been in office and if you look at the approval rating on the economy it’s the lowest it has been since he’s been there.

Maybe it’s just me and my distrust of our legal system and our politicians – in all reality I’d want to see the video. If such a video exists. I’m not morbid or anything – I just don’t trust that if a photo WAS released that it wouldn’t be photo-shopped. A few of the people I work with today were talking about the operation the SEALs did and a they even wondered if Osama WAS really dead. They could have him locked away some where interrogating him or have him aboard that ship.

Everyone will have their conspiracy theories and their doubts – I will continue to be one of them. It was also brought up last night at my study group – how should we react? I remember where I was when those first images flashed across the screen of a burning WTC tower. I remember watching when the second plane hit. I remember seeing people fall from the building as it crumbled.

I know there were parties/gatherings of people in the street in DC and NY. I know those people felt like they needed to celebrate. I didn’t feel that need but then again I didn’t lose a loved one or a friend in any of the accidents. I’ve explained to Seth on more than one occasion what the WTC towers were and what happened to them. I don’t think he fully understands – just like those children Pres. Bush was reading with understood what happened until they got older.

I did not celebrate. I was satisfied – but not 100%. I didn’t say “Good – that man needed it.” in front of Seth. We all know he needed to be found and killed but I don’t (and won’t) portray that feeling in front of my child. I want to see it – I want to see the photo. Who cares about what his people feel? They plaster our dead all over their papers so what’s the difference? They’ve shown the two photos of Osama’s couriers that were bloody so what’s one more photo?

What do you think? What did you do when you heard Osama was dead?

xo – S.J.


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