11 Weeks (Day 51)

Our little pea is about 1-1/2″ long and about the size of a fig and almost fully formed. Hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under the gum and some of the bones are beginning to harden. The pea is already busy kicking and stretching but I won’t feel it for another month or two.

That’s about all really. I have been noticing something though. I don’t like talking about my weight – as I am sure every woman does at some point but here goes. I weigh myself daily – every morning before eating. Last year I lost ten pounds down to 135. Over Thanksgiving and Christmas I gained five pounds back so I was at 140. I was in the process of trying to lose that weight when all of a sudden I gained ANOTHER five pounds. It was a week after that that we found out we were pregnant.

So I was at 145 at my first OB appointment. I was pretty disappointed in myself. My goal weight before I found out about the baby was 125. That’s ten pounds more than what I weighed seven years ago and I knew I would be happy there. Instead I was stuck with an extra 20 pounds and pregnant. I’ve been told I carry the weight well but I don’t believe that.

Moving on – the doctor said “You should gain between 30-35 pounds for this pregnancy.” All I thought in my head was “Crap – seriously?” That means that I would weigh about 180 at most and 175 at the least. I looked up exactly how much extra calories you are supposed to eat a day while pregnant. It’s only 300 to my surprise.

I drink an Instant Breakfast every morning – vanilla flavored – the chocolate kind grosses me out. I usually eat a strawberry or blueberry cereal bar mid morning around 9ish and take my prenatal vitamin before lunch. Lunch is usually a bologna, cheese and mustard sandwich (my favorite) or something from dinner the night before. I make enough for Jeremy’s lunch and/or dinner the next day and my lunch.

I also snack on something mid evening around 3ish and then eat dinner – which is lately either chicken or pork and the occasional pizza slice or two. We always try to eat some green veggie with dinner and a salad for me (lately not so much salad though). So I think I am doing pretty good with what I am eating.

At my second OB appointment three weeks ago I weighed 147 – I was up two pounds. You are supposed to gain about 3 pounds in the first month or two – something to that effect anyway. I continue to weigh myself every morning. You can kind of start to see the beginnings of a bump but nothing that screams “Look at me – I am making a baby!” My pants still fit, I’m not hungry after a meal and I do eat when I am hungry. I have noticed that I don’t eat as much because, well – I just can’t.

Today I weighed myself. I was at 143 exactly. We have one of those digital scales. That means I have LOST four pounds. I was down to 141 a few days ago and I am just wondering – is this normal? I’m not freaking out or anything but I just wonder if it’s ever happened to anyone else. Like I said. I DO EAT – ask Jeremy, my MIL and my niece.

Also – I did tackle the bathtub last night with some 409. I wore gloves and a mask like a good girl too. Next up is the rest of the bathroom. I also feel the need to paint it – let’s see how that goes. šŸ™‚

xo – S.J.


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