Outlet Malls (Day 49)

Post number 3 about our weekend in Pigeon Forge. I don’t know now if I should have split it in three posts – but I also don’t think that you would want to read that LONG of a post either. So – I think I am doing the right thing! Oh – this should be the last one about this trip!

Check out at our hotel was at eleven so right around 10:30 we checked out. I didn’t want to hit that group of people who always waits until the last-minute. I forgot to mention that during our one night stay I got woken up more than twice by motorcycles entering or leaving the parking lot. There were LOTS there for some reason. I got woken up once around two in the morning by some Mexican kids yelling and then their parents yelling back at them right in front of our room. Jeremy woke up once due to the motorcycles and Seth didn’t wake up ONCE.

Jeremy had mentioned going to an outlet mall if there was a Motherhood Maternity or another store that sold maternity clothes there. It just so happened that there was a Tanger Outlet Mall not three miles from the hotel WITH a Motherhood Maternity store and an Old Navy store. So after check out that’s where we headed.

First we stopped at the Old Navy store – avoiding those drivers who don’t know how to stop at a stop sign – only to be told once we found someone to ask that Old Navy no longer sells maternity in ANY of their stores and you can order them online. REALLY? I hate buying clothes online because you can’t try them on to see what they look like and how they fit. So – we drove around the ENTIRE mall looking at any other stores we may be interested in and finally found the Motherhood Maternity store.

The outlet store is a lot bigger than the store that it closest to me at our mall. It’s just like a tiny Claire’s store. They don’t have much stuff. This outlet store was HUGE. A lady came up, introduced herself, and asked if I was a first time mom – HA! I told her no and pointed to Seth. She was like “Oh – styles have changed A LOT since him!” Boy have they. I have maybe one or two pairs of maternity pants when I had Seth and three or four pairs of overalls. Yes – you read that right. I honestly don’t remember buying lots of clothes when I was pregnant with him.

Maternity pants are different – there is the secret tummy pants or the low-rise pants – I want at least one of those kind and two of the secret tummy kind. Jeremy helped me pick out LOTS of things to try on and the lady put everything in a dressing room for me. I fell in LOVE with a pair of fit and flair secret tummy pants that I thought were $17 so I was like “I am getting these!” I found a long sleeve but thin enough for summer button up shirt and a t-shirt. I love tanks and layering so I picked up four of those too. They were $8 each. đŸ™‚

When we got to the register the pants weren’t on sale – they were $37. I was so sad. I told Jeremy that I could find some later on sale at our store and that’s when the lady said – “You get $20 off your next purchase because you spent over $50 here today.” See – it will all work out! Woo Hoo!

So for around $50 I got four tank tops, a long sleeve shirt and a t-shirt. Now all I need are a few more tops, maybe some skirts and a few pairs of pants and shorts and I will be set! By the time we got out of the store it was lunch time. We went out to the main road and looked around. Olive Garden, Logan’s, Red Lobster and Longhorn. I picked either Olive Garden or Longhorn and told Jeremy to drive to which ever one he wanted. He picked Longhorn! That makes the second time I’ve ever eat at that restaurant and boy was it good! I had chicken with mushroom sauce and cheese with a Caesar salad and Jeremy had a steak. Seth only wanted a hot dog but he ate all of his fries too which is rare.

After that it was an uneventful ride home. My step niece was still at my FIL house and since school is closed for the next week I offered her some moolah to watch him at the house. She’s saving me $35 which can go towards the crib and changing table that is so close to being paid off!!!! Thanks Hunter!

So – that was our three blog post weekend trip to Pigeon Forge. We all had fun and had great food. Next year – when it’s time for the company picnic again our little pea will be about 6 months old….that’s so hard to believe but it’s true! We will see then if we go or not – have you been to an amusement park with a baby? What was it like???

xo – S.J.


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