Getting Over It (Day 47)

Sort of anyway. I am still sick. I think the ear infections are gone but now it’s more in my throat and I am coughing A LOT more. I hate being sick.

Let’s get to this past weekend. Friday my MIL wanted to go to the mall – so I went. Even though my nose was peeling and my face is still breaking out and I felt like poop – I went. We went to a few stores in the mall and she bought a bathing suit and a cover up. She also got some earrings which she later gave to me because they hurt her ears. I won’t complain – they were free to me!

It got late so we decided to split a sub sandwich from Charlies Grilled Subs (or something to that effect). It was really good. Seth wanted pizza and he ate a slice that was bigger than his face – I guess he was hungry. I met my MIL back at her house and went over to say hi to my FIL and his wife Mary. My step niece and nephew were there and so was my BIL and his wife Rita. I stayed for a bit and talked to them about Ringgold and Trenton and how horrible it was.

My MIL had to come back to my house to get her clothes and things so it was almost nine before I finally was “home” just me and Seth. We got ready for the next morning and went to bed early.

Saturday I got the hubs (Jeremy) up at 7:30 and Seth too. I had been up since 6:30 because I felt sick to my tummy. Still do right now as a matter of fact. Anyway – we ended up leaving about 7:45 headed to Pigeon Forge – it’s about a three-hour drive from our house. The company I work for was having their annual employee picnic there. We get in for free. 🙂 Jeremy and Seth slept while I drove. We stopped in Spring City at the Hardee’s and why is it always SO COLD in restaurants?? I seriously had goose bumps the whole time we were there. It was warmer outside.

Also – there were horrible smells right before you got to Spring City. My nose was stopped up a bit but I could still smell it – it smelled like rotten eggs. So after that we kept on and I think Jeremy and Seth might have fallen back asleep. Once in Pigeon Forge I went to take my prenatal vitamin and realized I had forgotten them! The CVS there didn’t have any and the lady directed me to over the counter prenatal vitamins. They were better than no vitamin. I also had to take my antibiotic – let me tell you – those are some HUGE pills.

We finally got to Dollywood at eleven that morning. Our company lunch started at one so we had about an hour or so to ride some rides. The first one we did was the carousel. Every single ride in that place said if you were pregnant you couldn’t do it. I mean – it’s a flippin’ carousel – it’s completely different from a coaster or bumper cars. So I did it. I was fine – until it started moving. I’ve never had motion sickness on a carousel – but I did then. I just closed my eyes or stared at the hoof of the wooden horse Seth was riding in front of me.

After that was the train – not spectacular but it was nice. Jeremy got that black stuff (soot) all over his pants and shirt but it came right off. After that we had to go eat lunch. Let me tell you – that was the BEST bbq pork sandwich EVER. I ate baked beans and banana pudding too. Jeremy got stuffed and Seth only had a hot dog. I won a prize too! I think I’ve gotten something every year – it’s nice they do it – I love the company I work for!

After that I don’t really remember what else we did. The River Battle was closed – I was looking forward to that one – and Jeremy and Seth rode a few things that I couldn’t so I just watched. Oh – Timber Tower is STILL closed. Why don’t they just replace it? I mean it’s BEEN closed basically after the first season it was opened. Get rid of it already! Story goes that it chopped someone’s legs off – who knows but if they aren’t going to fix the problem with it – get rid of it!

I know this is getting long so I’ll stop here and continue later. There is lots more to tell so keep a look out!!

xo – S.J.


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