Help? (Day 43)

Okay so I told you a while back about the crib that we bought from Babies R Us. I LOVE this crib – you know – or we wouldn’t have bought it. But here is my situation. I’ve looked on baby blog after baby blog – (Chic & Cheap NurserySpearmint Baby and now Project Nursery) and I can’t find ONE nursery that has a dark crib that grabs me and says – this is it.

I want to paint, I want to get all the matching things to go with the bedding and you know – the whole nine yards! We (the hubs and me) would like to go ahead and start painting once we get the room cleaned out – hopefully in a few weeks – so we want a gender neutral color that we could add to when we find out what the baby is.

Then again though – I wonder if we should just wait until we find out THEN start painting and stuff. If we pick out bedding we like we could go from there. I don’t know – I go around in circles in this thought process.

How did you figure out what you wanted your baby’s nursery to be like? Did you wait to see if it was a boy or a girl or was it a picture that captured you and inspired you? If it’s a girl I definitely want a damask print on the bedding and maybe on one wall. That would match the dark crib but for a boy I have no clue. Maybe I just need to search more?


xo – S.J.


2 thoughts on “Help? (Day 43)

  1. I originally wanted a tree painted in the corner with grass and sky and the sun painted around the ceiling light. I would have botched the job myself and paying someone to do it would have been expensive.

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