Easter (Day 42)

To be honest – I felt like crap Saturday and Sunday. I was moody and just plain pissed off at everyone for no reason. (Sorry family!)

Sunday was worse than Saturday though. The ant bite on my foot was swollen to the size of a silver dollar and my head and stomach hurt SO bad. The one thing I was happy about was Saturday night at the Wal-Mart I bought a cute $14 dress to wear for Easter. It was purple plaid and knee-length.

I got up Sunday – got Seth up and fixed some cereal for us and then started getting ready. Again – I had felt sick all morning but it got worse after I ate. Everyone was ready to go and we get in the car – the strap breaks on my dress!!! I know it was a $14 dress but I mean really?! It had plastic loops in the back along with a plastic slider to make the straps longer or shorter and one of the loops broke.

In I went to change my dress. 😦 I bought that dress because I haven’t had a new dress in forever. I had to end up wearing a dress I got from my bridesmaids four years ago as a wedding gift. I love that dress – don’t get me wrong – but with certain parts of me getting bigger – it was hard to breathe a bit and you could see the beginnings of my baby bump. Which in reality – if you didn’t know I was pregnant – just looks like I’m fat. I felt awful.

I wore it though – and went into church with a smile on my face – sort of. Before service even started I had to go to the bathroom. Getting sick alone isn’t nice. Thank goodness I had a rubber band to hold my hair back. To make you not so grossed out – I went back out to service after about 20 minutes. I felt better not 100%.

After church we went to the store for hot dogs and drinks then home to change out of our church clothes and into clothes for a cookout at Jared and Rita’s house. Which – I realized that my shorts are no longer as baggy as they once were. 😦

Once we got there – everyone had already eaten – so we helped ourselves. I just sat around mostly – didn’t really talk to anyone and played with Jared’s kittens. They have four if anyone who knows me wants one and their other cat is pregnant too.

So – that was our Easter. After the cookout we went home and everyone got cleaned up and ready for the next day. Hope yours was great. 🙂

xo – S.J.


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