Ants (Day 41)

Saturday we went to the lake that the hubs dad and step mom have a camper at. It was about a 45 minute drive south from where we live but it was really pretty. The reason for us going was because Saturday was my father-in-laws birthday. He answers to Grand-paw, Mr. Mike or just Mike. I have a habit of calling him Mr. Mike.

Anyway – we get there and park. I get out and wait for the trunk to pop up so we can get the food for grilling out. I wore a t-shirt, shorts and my favorite Old Navy grey flip-flops. The exact moment I put my left foot down at the trunk I felt something pinch me on my right foot. I though – stupid mosquitoes. Cause sometimes it does feel like a pinch. This wasn’t a mosquito though – this was an ant. It wasn’t a fire ant but it hurt just the same.

The hubs moved the car away from the ant hills and I continued to help unload the car. When we finally sat down in the chairs I checked out my foot. It already had a place on it where it was swelling. One of the other lady’s that owned another camper brought me some Benadryl and some itch creme. I got out my pink book they gave me at the doctor’s office to see if I could take the Benadryl and it said that I shouldn’t take ANYTHING until after week 13 or 14 of my pregnancy. I am only at 9 1/2 weeks. 😦

I used the itch creme though and that seemed to help. I didn’t feel good all day but I never actually got sick. I was just grouchy and irritable. Also the hubs brothers were there and Rita (one of my SIL’s)  and Hunter (my step niece). The hubs youngest brother would always take a folding chair or a bag of food from me when we were unloading and loading the car. I guess he thought that I couldn’t carry it? I never said anything to him – his wife is expecting too – but if it isn’t over 25 pounds – I GOT IT. I am not an invalid – I can pick up a bag of groceries or a folding chair. It’s not like I’m gonna die or something. Yesh….

The point of this was – I have been bitten by an ant once before. I had to go to the doctor because my big toe got so swollen I couldn’t move it – I found out then that I was allergic to them. Here is hoping that my pinky toe and it’s neighbor won’t get that way.

xo – S.J.


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