Track Meet (Day 39)

Thursday after school Seth had a track meet. I thought I would have to go by myself but Hunter (my step-niece) was able to go with me. When ever we are together we have loads of fun. Usually we point out fashion errors in other people’s wardrobes – which – is what we did while we sat for two hours watching elementary school kids run in circles.

Anyway – Seth ran in the 50 yard dash and the 100 yard dash. He also did the shot put and the long jump. He got second in the 100 yard dash and third in the 50 yard dash. He got participation ribbons in the shot put and the long jump. I was really proud of him. There were about three other schools there and his school only has one set of bleachers. Therefore it was either pay two dollars to get in and stand or sit outside the fence on the concrete and watch. We sat out on the concrete where we wouldn’t get our butts wet!!

That was about all that happened. I went home later that evening and folded some clothes and went to bed. I still get pretty tired in the evenings.

Oh – and I have a three-day weekend. Maybe that’s why I have missed a day on the blog posting!! Hey – I’m trying – give me some credit!!!!  🙂

xo – S.J.


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