9 Weeks (Day 37)

Like I have stated a few times – we had an ultrasound Friday April 15th. They measured the baby and said that I was exactly 8 weeks that day. So technically today I am 8 weeks 5 days but I will just stick with the routine that I have been with of updating you guys every Wednesday. Sound like a plan?!

According to Baby Center – my morning sickness should be in “full force”. I am happy to say that it is still non-existent! It also states that I could be having mood swings. I don’t think I am but maybe the hubs and Seth would say differently! haha

A few things I wanted to ask to you moms out there. If you could – please leave your comments below. Thanks!

1) Did you have a natural birth? Meaning no medications for pain AT ALL. If either a yes or a no what would you have changed about your baby’s birth?

2) Did you have a birth plan? I’ve read up about these. Basically it’s what you want to happen during childbirth. Example: no medication, no Hep B for the baby, delayed cord cutting etc.

3) Did you take birthing classes? I took one with Seth (nine years ago) but forgot everything once in labor and delivery.

There are lots of other questions but I will save those for later posts. I don’t want to bombard anyone with tons of questions. Our next appointment is in about 3 weeks. I am sure I will have a list of questions for my OB then or the midwife – which ever one I see.

xo – S.J.

PS: Anything you want to ask me about my pregnancy plans – go ahead!!!  🙂


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