Walking Program (Day 36)

Beginning May 1st the company I work for is starting a walking program. This program will last for 12 weeks.

I already filled out my paper to get a free pedometer and a t-shirt with the logo I designed on it. Yup – I designed it over a year ago and they picked mine out of lots of others. Anyway – I was excited about it – I didn’t know they were using it until last week!

I asked about the pedometer though – if it was good one or a crappy one. I was told it was free from Blue Cross so I am guessing it will be kind of crappy. We must wear our pedometer ALL DAY from the time we get out of bed until we lay down to go to sleep. We must write down our steps taken everyday for those 12 weeks. It’s based on an honor system – we are a Christian run company – so no one should cheat.

It states that our goal PER DAY is 10,000 steps or 5 miles. So that breaks down to 2,000 steps per mile. Now I have a Nike+ Band. It only keeps up with how many miles you run/walk. There is a sensor that goes in your shoe and it tracks
it that way. So I am thinking I’ll wear their pedometer they give me AND this all day. Crappy pedometers can count steps even when you are not moving. Really I just want to see how close the pedometer and the Nike+ band are at the end of the day.

Each week we are to copy our log and send it up to the home office. Also each week anyone who turns in a log will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a $25 gift card. Sounds good right? You haven’t heard the best part!!

Everyone’s weekly totals will be added up and the top “steppers” will be announced. You know – the top three people who walked the most. Well first prize EVERY WEEK of the 12 weeks is $500 big ones!!! Second prize will be $300 and third prize will be $100. Now who in their right mind wouldn’t go run or walk EVERY DAY for a chance to win that money?!

I know I will be!!! So starting on May 1st I will start walking/jogging/running again. The money is an incentive to get back into what I started last summer. Something that I have been missing and something that can keep me (and the baby!) healthy!!! Just pray that after the 12 weeks are over – I keep it up!!!

xo – S.J.


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