OMG (Day 35)

Okay so the other day I told you about our first ultrasound. Well – while we were sitting in the waiting room of course there were other people.

The first lady I remember came in right after me. I don’t ever talk to other people in doctor offices because I don’t want to hear them go through their whole woe is me tale. Sorry – but that’s just me. I do pick up on information that I other wise wouldn’t know though. Like this lady was telling someone else that she didn’t expect to be a grandmother at 35. Her daughter (who looked to be about 15-16) was pregnant and she said that the other kids at her school were picking on her for it.

I didn’t hear anything else she said but there was two women and a child sitting over in the corner. You couldn’t HELP but hear them they were talking so loud. I hate that. Anyway one of the women was pregnant and the other was the pregnant lady’s cousin. The little kid was being watched by the cousin as the mom went in and out of her appointments.

Soon she got to talking to the first lady and we all heard the story. Her cousin was pregnant with her third child. This little girl was four and she had an older brother or sister (I didn’t pay all that close attention). I don’t want to make anyone mad but she was a pretty overweight woman (she was in her 30’s). You know I said this was her third child?? Yes – her third child by A THIRD MAN.

All three of her children have different fathers and picking up bits and pieces she was never married/engaged to any of them. The first guy left when she found out she was pregnant. The second guy left after the second one was born and this third guy is still around but the cousin said “We will see for how long pretty soon – she’s due next month.”

I get that there are people out there with mixed families. I mean my father had three children by his first wife. They divorced and he married my mom – they had two kids together (me and my brother). That kind of situation I can grasp but this situation this woman was in – I can’t. I mean doesn’t she know what causes pregnancy?

People these days don’t respect what marriage is and what vows mean. They just go around sleeping with who ever they feel like when it ISN’T supposed to be that way. You are supposed to wait until you get married and THEN have sex and kids. No – I didn’t follow that rule but I wish that I had. I learned my lesson – believe me.

I just don’t understand the ways of people like that lady with the three kids. I feel sorry for that 15-16 year old who will have to live with the looks and words people give her for a while. Oh another part that yanks my chain – the cousin of the woman with the three kids by three different people said “What she’s done is accepted by society these days.” NO – it’s not – at least not by me.

Just like I think abortion is wrong in EVERY form. I think GLBT’s shouldn’t be able to get married. Let them live their lifestyle all they want – but God ordained marriage to be between a man and a woman. As the bumper sticker says “Adam and Eve – not Adam and Steve”.

Last but not least – sorry if I ticked anyone off. It’s my blog – it’s my feelings – it’s my words. Deal with it.

xo – S.J.


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