Yuck (Day 32)

Yesterday morning – about two or three – I woke up to the taste of blood in my mouth. Now – I just thought it was some little kind of chapped lips scenario (I ALWAYS have chap stick with me) like sometime happens during the day. I usually carry Soft Lips chap stick with me – the vanilla is my favorite.
Lately though I have been carrying around Blistex Five Star Chap Stick. If you notice – the Soft Lips has an SPF of 20. Good but I thought since it was turning summer I needed a little more than that. The Blistex has an SPF of 30. I use it – and will use it until I run out but I don’t like the fact that it is white. The Soft Lips looks white when you twist it up but it goes on clear with a shiny sheen to it. It looks pretty. The Blistex – just goes on white then you have to rub it in to not look crazy. I actually hate the stuff – but it works and I paid $3 for it so like I said – I’ll probably use it until it’s gone.

Anyway – back to the yuck part – πŸ™‚ – I could tell that it had been a minute since my lip started to bleed cause well – they were stuck together. I knew it was bad. I got up and went to the bathroom and realized that it was a lot worse than I thought. There was blood on the left side of my face and the split in my lip was right in the center and from the front of my lip to the back. I went and got a wash cloth and cleaned up but I have never had that happen before in my life! It took it like another five minutes before it completely stopped. I really did almost get sick from the taste. I thought – this is when my morning sickness is going to kick in. I didn’t get sick though – I took a few deep breaths and went back and laid down. I cuddled up next to the hubs and tried to think of something else besides the taste of blood. That’s when Tiny started barking – it actually helped me go back to sleep quicker. πŸ™‚

Sorry if I grossed anyone out but I said all that to say this – I read that pregnant women need to use more lotion because their skin dries out quickly. Would that be the same for lips too? If so – Soft Lips is the only thing that helps me during the winter and even though the SPF is lower – if it works so well for dry, chapped lips in the winter – wouldn’t it work better for me than this Blistex stuff? Has any other pregnant women had this problem with their lips or is this just me?

xo – S.J.

Psstt: Picture of Soft Lips Vanilla from here.


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