My Neighbor (Day 31)

If you follow my twitter (over on the right) then you know about my awesome neighbor.

Tuesday night I got home and fixed dinner (lasagna – it was yummy) and then did dishes and then washed some clothes and then sat down and watched some TV while Seth played outside with the girl down the street Meagan. I heard a lawn mower start-up and thought nothing about it.

I sat on the couch for I don’t know 30 minutes before I realized that the lawn mower noise was awfully close to the front door. So I got up to look out. I saw my neighbor riding her lawn mower around the front part of the yard! At first to be honest I thought “Who does she think she is?” then I thought “She’s so nice!!”

I knew that Seth had told most of the neighbor kids about the baby but I didn’t know if he had told them about the lawn mower. When we first moved into our house all we had was a push mower. With an acre of land to mow – it took us ALL DAY to mow and weed eat and clean up. We broke down and bought a used riding mower from the hubs uncle for $200 bucks. That was six years ago.

Since then we’ve had to buy a new battery, fix somethings on the engine and fix the front steering rods. Still – it needs to be pushed up to the car/truck and hooked to jumper cables to get it started. We’ve done everything we can think of and nothing has fixed it. So with the hubs constantly busy with school and work and me pregnant – the yard hasn’t been mowed and it was looking pretty rough. If I knew I would be alright I would try to push it myself to hook it up to the car but I am guessing if I can’t lift anything over 25 pounds I shouldn’t PUSH anything over 25 pounds either.

Back to the neighbor – I heard her run out of gas on the other side of the driveway and went out to talk to her. I said “You didn’t have to do this.” She was like “No it’s fine. It’s still light out and I have nothing else to do.” I didn’t know if Seth had told her about me or the lawn mower so I asked. Seth had said nothing. She was just doing it because she wanted to.

I wanted to cry. I told her thanks and told her not to attempt to do anything else and if she wanted to finish the front she could. Once she found out about the baby and the other issues of why we haven’t mowed yet she said that if we ever needed anything to let her know. She gave me a hug and told me not to worry about it.

Mind you – we have lived in this subdivision for SIX years. This was the first time I had met the woman. I think she’s a nurse – I’ve seen her in scrubs – and she works crazy hours. She has three kids and she said that me having another now was just like starting over since Seth just turned 9.

Again I thanked her and went into the house. I remembered that I had to drop something off at my BIL’s house and called Seth in to go. Once we got back it was kind of dark but I let Seth play until it got almost time for bed. I went out to call him in and I still heard the lawn mower. I asked Seth what she was doing and he said “Mowing the back yard.”

This woman is so sweet. I told the hubs that we should do something for her – make cookies or muffins or get her a certificate for a pedicure, SOMETHING to tell her thanks. Any suggestions???? Oh – almost forgot. Me and the hubs had decided just MONDAY that we would go this weekend and buy a NEW mower. So now there will be no pushing to jump-start it or anything! I can mow when I want!!!

xo – S.J.


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