30th Anniversary (Day 29)

Yesterday – Tuesday – was the company that I work for 30th anniversary. We got black polo’s with their logo and 30th anniversary embroidered on it. They are actually pretty nice. Mine was a full front button up and the men shirts are three button.

We went up to the home office for a big lunch. The caterer’s they hired were the guys that do the Nascar circuit – Huckleberry’s BBQ I believe it was called. We had ribs, chicken, baked beans, potato salad (which I ate – I never eat it – it was good) and bread. They then had mini servings of homemade banana pudding and the company had bought two big anniversary cakes for us to eat. One vanilla cake with vanilla butter cream and one chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream. It was YUMMY.

Once all employees were done eating we went out front and had a picture made by the main entrance. There was at least 150+ out there. I know that the company I work for is more physically oriented as far as the shop work to men – in total there are ten women who work for this company – counting me. I only get to see them when we go up for things like we did yesterday or for the administrative assistant luncheon that is coming up. I love that.

Happy 30th Anniversary to the place I have worked for 3 years and 3 months!

xo – S.J.

PS: The spell check wanted me to replace Nascar with Lascar. What the heck is that?? lol


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