Practice (Day 28)

Monday – first volleyball practice.

I was nervous. Seth and I went home after I picked him up and fixed grilled cheese sandwiches (which honestly sound REALLY good at the moment). He did his homework and cleaned his room and then we headed to Jared and Rita’s house to follow them to practice.

It was in a part of town I haven’t been to before but not that far from our house. It was another church’s gym. This church practices EVERY Monday all year. They were good. For teams we have to have three girls and three boys. There was me, Jared and two guys from his church so we needed two more girls. After a few volleys just for fun he asked two girls from the other church if they wanted to join our team. They said yes!

So now we have our team. We started playing against the other teams and we were undefeated – well until the last game. It was getting late (we had been there for three hours) and I was kind of tired. I missed two shots that I should have got – one of the other girls told me to go with my instincts and just do what felt right instead of second guessing myself. I’ll have to do that!

All in all I had fun. I am glad that I am doing it. Wish us luck!!

xo – S.J.


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